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I live here in the Northwest....


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I hope it goes through...i think alot of people look past the kicker and we shouldn't....a good kicker is just a kick away from winning a game...i think we will have alot of chances to win games next year and i think it will lay in our kickers foot cuz i dont see us running away from anyone like we used to...

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Saw this on another message here on the boards london

The Falcons have contacted free agent Michael Turner.

The Falcons signing Turner would likely take them out of the running for Darren McFadden at No. 3. He'd be an excellent fit in new OC Mike Mularkey's power run game. It doesn't sound like will Atlanta have much competition.

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atljokerz (2/29/2008)
True but if that was the case you go get DMC or Mendenhall. Plus I heard on sirius that Turner has 3 of the longest 11 runs in Charger history in only 4 years. He has been behind LT so not too much action and prob. not as much as the other two you mentioned

That is not true. Turner got lots of work at San Diego, as he and Tomlinson basically split carries 70/30 during Turners tenure there. McFadden is not a powerback either. Turner is an outstanding fit, and I don't think that he will be asked to carry the ball 25-32 times a game because we still have Norwood who is a playmaker, so he will get some carries.

I would also expect Norwood to be used in more of a Reggie Bush type way...like lots of HB screens and stuff, just different ways to get him the ball.

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