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Why Anderson....


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BirdsOfPrey (2/28/2008)
Rev JJ, please have someone read the two rules of the COC that I have pasted below to you. Once they have read and explained what they mean, stop doing them.

FalconsLIFE Code of Conduct Policy

FalconsLIFE consists of a mix of digital media and written content provided by our users and our partners. You are responsible for all content that you post on or transmit through FalconsLIFE. The following content and behaviors are prohibited:

* Spamming - adding the same comment repeatedly or across different groups or auto-publishing messages

* Posting off-topic comments

i wonder if rev. jj has one of those computers that read out loud to him...

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Hey, we need to fix our OL, too. No doubt about it. All I'm saying is that just because he's no Brady or Manning, doesn't mean he's Kurt Kittner, either. I think he may very well be the best option available this off-season. I'd also like to see us pick up a QB in the draft in the 3rd-5th rounds. I think that's where the value at QB will be this year.

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I don't know what we'd have to give up to get him. I know he's tendered for a 1 & 3, but it never seems to work out that way. And we're going to have to do something about Hall. I don't think for a second that he'll be tolerable during a rebuilding period. That said, I do want a fair price for him... but he'll have to be signable to whatever team we deal him to, and he only has a year left on his contract. I'm also personally, not very fond of his on field temper, or his off field prima donna attitude.

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- He's 24 years old

- Put up good numbers in his first season which means he should only get better

- With all the draft picks we have we can get him protection (Jake Long)

- WE have a guy named Roddy White

- And a guy named Laurent Robinson

- But he's not a scrambler so I guess he sucks


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I'd be ok with it. I know a lot of people are attached to Hall, but I've said many times that I'd take 11 very good players over 1 excellent player, and a bunch of just passable players... ESPECIALLY on defense.

...and I'm not going to get into where I feel Hall fits into the equation there.

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