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Please people....


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bossFALCON (2/28/2008)
Legion (2/28/2008)
bossFALCON (2/28/2008)
Rev.Jesse Jackson. (2/28/2008)
That ##### been got tiredness to me but **** I just learn to deal with it.

dang man you really do post like crazy. you are going to pass me soon. lol you will be a lifetime falcon by mid march.

I've been here since 04...

i was talking about rev. jj.

I know, I was aying that he's gonna pass me...was eating cereal and typing one handed
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Babybanks (2/28/2008)
Everytme a player is released, not 4 minutes past and a least one person think we should take a look.....no we are not getting Bruce,Frueotte(sp),Ty Law, and so one......Just sit back and let TD do his job.....

Go find a softball team to coach and let the message board be what it is... no one's going to follow your advice....

"Aw gee, I better not post this FA cut or Babybanks will think less of me"

TD isn't reading this board for advice... He'll do his job just fine without you instructing the masses.

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