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How's this Mock

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Trade D-Hall to Washington for their 1st and 4th round picks. This is assuming we get a 3rd round comp. pick for Kerney.

1 - Sedrick Ellis - DT

1 - Domonique Rodgers-Cromartie - CB

2 - Chad Henne - QB

2 - Sam Baker - OT

3 - Matt Forte - RB

3 - Eric Young - OG

4 - Jonathon Goff - MLB

4 - Jason Jones - DE

5 - DJ Wolfe - S

6 - Andre Fluellen - DT

7 - Craig Stevens - TE

7 - Brian Witherspoon - CB/KR

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pearljamnash13 (2/28/2008)
I definitely like some of those picks. I really like the Henne in the 2nd and Ellis in the 1st, but not so sure on the DRC yet I'd rather try to work out something with Hall. Also, I'd like to see a kicker drafted, but overall good job.

I did this really quick and forgot to add a kicker, just pretend we sign Elam.

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scott24falcs (2/28/2008)
It's not bad at all. I will say though, with that extra 1st rounder, I'd like to see us use it on another position like: QB, OL, DL, etc. I think we will sign a guy like Randall Gay in FA, and we could use a 3rd on a CB like Chevis Jackson.

I thought about taking Brohm with the extra 1st, but DRC is really good and Chad Henne isn't that far behind Brohm.

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