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Falcon cap space

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Jigga Donkey (2/28/2008)
It doens't matter how much money you have, players are going to stay far away from that rat hole. Nobody wants to play in ATL because of that, ATL is a higly unattractive place for any FA.

You guys could have $44M like the Bucs do and it wouldn't matter

It's obvious you lead an empty life.

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prov1playa630 (2/28/2008)
i just saw this 14.8 available

thought i saw elsewhere we had 23 oh well we cant make that much of a splash with that much

We were "projected" to have about 23 million in cap room after some roster moves.

Blank mentioned this in an interview. That's where that number is coming from.

At no point have I heard that we now have 20 mil or over in cap space.

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