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What are you guys expecting us to do?

Go nuts in free agency and make more "big name" splashes?

I guarentee you if we sign anyone tomorrow we will have drastically overpaid to get them.

With a team that has soooo many holes to fill it's not a smart idea to kill most of your cap space signing 2-3 players.

I wouldn't expect us to be active until next week.

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dbird (2/28/2008)
With the cap money NFL.com reporting for the Falcons 14.8 mil. I think we all all may be a little disappointed.

Remember also, with that cap room, we have to:

1. Sign all of our draftees [including a high first and maybe another first if we trade Hall]

2. Resign whomever we are going to resign--Boley, Redman, Clabo...

3. Sign free agents

We will only free up about $3 million if Hall goes--he is making $5.2 million. We can probably see something done w/Dunn if you do see any name players signed. We still have a big cap hit for a QB who is unavailable to play--I would have loved to have that additional money.

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