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Was this video EVER POSTED ON HERE ...lol


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The 1st on looks like it was Cover 2, why else would Hall keep his position held like that.

The 2nd one was on Hall, he started to move to the outside and he jumped back in on a deep post route.

The 3rd one was man under, or man to man with safeties over the top. Hall jumped the inside(slant) route and the safety wasn't there to provide help over the top.

I couldn't see the last one at all, but judging by the looks of things Hall wasn't even playing man with CJ. Maybe it was Hall on the last one, but I found it odd that Hall was ahead of CJ and facing towards the line of scrimmage when CJ caught the ball.

Hall is still a top 10 NFL CB, and he produced in the top 5 for the NFC.

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