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Falcons Best Bets

Crazy Trav

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1. Get Maurice Williams from FA. Perfect for our OL and with smith as the head coach it will be great.

2. If we can get Madieu Williams from FA. Perfect safety for our defense and its one of our gaps.

3. Get boley back

4. We can get mcfadden or ellis with our first pick. dorsey is a problem with injuries and ellis can def get more dominant, and same with mcfadden for our running game with jerious and mcfadden were unstopable with our running game.

5. Grab pat sims or another good DL with our second pick. pat sims has shown that he is a great athlete and plays his guts out, with that motivation, we should get him.

6. Get flacco or henne with our 3rd pick. we need a QB. Josh Johnson is a good QB but im not sure he will be great in the nfl but i wouldnt mind taking him in a later round.

7. our other 3rd pick we should get a LB.

8. pick up through the rest of the draft

Just thought i'd also say that we are not going to sign older or injury prone players like vilma. Dimitroff will not take his chances, he didn't want to take his chances wth alge so he cut him. We prob are not going to sign stallworth either because he is going to be expensive and we need to fill our holes.


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