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Chuck Smith worked with Osi and Haynesworth last year


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Both had monster years. The guy lives right here in Atlanta and is a Falcon great. Arthur Blank, if you want to do something productive, invite the guy to come in and work with your two young defensive ends and tackle, Jamal Anderson, Chancey Davis, and Trey Lewis. I will guarantee that all of these guys would benefit. Little things such as this could mean the difference between a 6-10 and 10-6 record. Imagine Dorsey or Ellis, mixed an improved version of these guys. I already see it in Lewis. This dude can be real special.

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Sun Tzu 7 (2/27/2008)
I think Chuck might be willing if we make him a consultant like we did with Alex Smith.

However I don't think Chuck would like the hours that NFL coaches work.

12-15 hour work days.

7 days a week.

Where did I say make Chuck an NFL coach? Who is Alex Smith? You meant Alex Gibbs. I think Blank paid him a king's ransom also.

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bigduke633 (2/27/2008)
Chuck has done camps for dline guys for a couple of years now.I always thought he was way under rated.A very aggressive de.

The guy knows the defensive line position. I didn't agree with everything he said on the radio, but the guy has a gift. Let's take advantage of our limited resources.

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If Lewis rehabs his knee right, he will be a monster. I saw him shine in the little playing time last year. Hes already got the size and strength to be disruptive. If they picked up Ellis/Dorsey, along with Lewis and Abraham, and Anderson see's a burning bush, we'll have a **** of a pass rush.

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