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Da Madden Draft


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Check out my Madden Offseason... Comments please!!

Trade down our 3rd pick overall and Lawyer Milloy to the Broncos for the 12th pick overall, second round pick, second round next year, and 5th round this year.

Trade 1 of our 5th rounders to the Lions for Shaun Rogers


Sign DT Isaac Sopoaga to 3 year deal worth 3 million total with 1 million in guaranteed.

Sign FS Madieu Williams to 4 year deal worth 13 million total with 5 million in guaranteed.


Rd 1 pick 12: OT Chris Williams Reason we trade down is because while we could draft Ellis at 3, he isn t exactly the 6 6 300 DT Smith had in Jacksonville&

Rd 2: S Kenny Phillips if he s here, if not we draft B. Albert here and CB Charles Godfrey in place of Albert

Rd 2: OG Branden Albert One word, BEAST!

Rd 2: TE Brad Cottam replica of Mercedes Lewis in Jacksonville. Tall blocking TE who can be a huge threat in the redzone. Since we are having a power running game, we will use 3 TE sets at times. Cottam, C. Anderson, Milner/Blakley/Cooper (release one) will be ownage!

Rd 3: QB Joe Flacco I don t really care who, just get the best QB available

Rd 3: RB Tashard Choice him and Forte are the 2 backs I REALLY want to see in a Falcons uniform

Rd 4: DT Frank Okam I want to see the Texas Titans of Rogers + Okam. Think about it, 2 DTs attracting 4 O-linemen. Yeah, sack city for Abraham and J. Anderson. Plus they should motivate each other because they are basically twins.

Rd 5: CB/FS Darnell Terrell great depth for our S position.

Rd 6: ILB Ben Moffit great ILB

Rd 7: OLB David Vobora great OLB

Rd 7: DT Jason Shirley 5th round talent marred with off the field troubles. Tell him it s one strike and you re out with us. Great size and excellent for rotation with our Texas Titans.

- - -

Undrafted FAs:

1: FB/RB Jehuu Caulcrick future replacement for Ovie, when Ovie s contract is up

2: CB/KR Brian Witherspoon this guy is FAST and I mean FAST!! Try out for training camp

3: KR/ATH Jayson Foster another super fast guy!! Try out for training camp

4: DT George Chukwu more tryout players and

5: DT Nate Robinson great size, can add rotation to our DT crew.

Players to look at (for Draft 09)

DT Demonte Bolden Tennessee 6 6 295 anybody say future Haynesworth/Henderson??

Depth Chart:

QB: Redmen, Flacco, Harrington (ugh), Shockley

RB: Norwood, Choice, Dunn, Snelling

FB: Mughelli, McIntyre, Caulcrick

WR: same

TE: Cottam, Milner, Cooper, Anderson

LT: Williams

LG: Blakley

C: McClure/Datish

RG: Albert/Clabo

RT: Weiner/Albert

DE: same

DT1: Rogers, Babineaux, Stanley, Shirley Robinson

DT2: Okam, Lewis, Shirley, Robinson

OLB: same with Vobora in Depth chart

MLB: same with Moffitt in Depth Chart

SS: Kenny Phillips, Daren Stone, Darnell Terrell

FS: Madeiu Williams, Jimmy Williams, Darnell Terrell

CB: Hall, Houston, Darnell Terrell etc&

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