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Who are the FA you would like signed?


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SS Erik Coleman from the Jets (Milloys salary would probably even out with this)

FS Madieu Williams from the Bengals

MLB Jonathan Vilma from the Jets (via trade, 3rd rounder) - Brooking back to WLB


QB Daunte Culpepper (Harringtons salary would even out with this)

RG Jake Scott from the Colts (Forneys salary would probably even out with this)

I really believe that would be a fantastic FA class. Everyone is relatively young except Culpepper who is more of a stopgap than a long term starter.

Coleman has been on a decline since Mangini took over, but he was a great S before that. Is it him or Mangini's scheme?

Madieu Williams is stout. Not a star, but still young.

Jonathan Vilma is going under the radar. If we can work out a clause that we can opt out of his contract if his knee condition worsens to the point that he is forced to sit, I'd gladly risk a 3rd round pick for him.

Jake Scott is just a **** good player at pass protection and just as stout against the run. Can he play in a power running scheme, thats for the FO to figure out.

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Gibril Wilson at Safety obviously would be great. Finally a FS that we've been needing.

I wanted Max Starks from the Steelers but they franchised him.

Michael Turner would be nice running behind Ovie and splitting time with Jerious, but I'm thinking his value is gonna get way out of range within days of free agency starting.

Would Musa Smith be worth pursuing? I'm sure plenty of you 'Dawgs can answer that question.

Flozelle Adams definitely needs to get some consideration from this front office. Sign him and draft a young guy to learn behind him, or let Renardo Foster develop behind him.

No offense Nuccah but I don't like the Madieu Williams move only because he's a strong safety playing free safety, same issue we had with Crocker.

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