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Would you do this Trade?

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This draft is full of CBs and we can always pick one up later in the draft with all of our picks. So, we trade D. Hall to either the Lions (pick 15) or the Cardinals (pick 16) and pick up their first round and a third rounder?

Both Detroit and Arizona are looking to take CBs in the first round and D. Hall is a proven shutdown corner at a very young age. So rather than take a gamble in the draft, why not trade your pick for a garunteed shutdown Corner. I feel there is a good chance one of them would do this.

I believe there is a lot of talent in this draft and I think with a mid-first rounder and an extra third rounder we can do some serious damage.

Lions Trade looks like this:

Pick 15 (1,050) + Pick 77 (205) = 1255 pts

D. Hall (Pick 8) = 1,400 pts

Cardinals Trade looks like this:

Pick 16 (1,000) + Pick 81 (185) = 1,185 pts

D. Hall (Pick 8) = 1,400 pts

Our Draft could look like this:

Option One:

Pick 1-3: Glenn Dorsey - DT

Pick 1-15 (Lions): Ryan Clady - OT

Pick 2-34: Brian Brohm - QB

Pick 2-48: Chilo Rachel - OG

Pick 3-68: Chevis Jackson - CB

Pick 3-76 (Lions): Ray Rice - RB

Option Two:

Pick 1-3: Jake Long - OT

Pick 1-16 (Cardinals): Rashard Mendenhall - RB

Pick 2-34: Brian Brohm - QB

Pick 2-48: Brandon Flowers - CB

Pick 3-68: Trevor Laws - DT

Pick 3-81 (Cardinals): Phillip Wheeler - LB

I think with this trade we would be able to fill all of our gaps with excellent talent. What do you guys think?

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I would take either deal......but we are having touble locking up a late round 1 pick alone right now, mainly because Hall only has one year left, and made it known he wants paid.

I dotn think we will see any Hall talk anymore until Samuel signs his deal. That will set the bar for the $$$ Hall demands, and narrow the field of teams who are willing to giv the money PLUS the picks to get him.

I heard the Ginats were willing to do a 1 and 3 for him if they can come to agreement on a new deal prior to trading. It is rumor, but I would do it.

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dhrone (2/27/2008)
I like the idea but not really sure why you think Brohm will drop to the 2nd round. There are 3-4 teams that would really consider a QB in the 1st round (Bears, Dolphins 2nd before us, Ravens, Panthers, Lions, Jags)

I think like us and other scouts, the coaches believe there is one first round QB and a handfull of seconds. Henne had a great showing at the combine, and may be taken before Brohm. Even if Brohm is not available in the second, some QB will be, whether is is JDB, Flacco, Henne, etc. I would still be happy giving them a shot. I think we must build our O-Line first so that we can then get a good assesment of our RBs and QBs. Who knows, maybe Redman has what it takes. Getting Brohm in the second is a scenario that could happen and is realistic, all my picks are realistic pics for their value.

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grendel (2/27/2008)
That would be a great trade, and your 1st mock is about as good a 1st 3 rounds as could ever happen for us.
scott24falcs (2/27/2008)
Wow. I LOVE option 1. Nice work. ;)

Thanks, I don't feel we need to give up hall, and I feel that the Giants deal of pick 31 and a third rounder is an insult. D. Hall is young and talented, if others don't want him, I would be glad to keep him. But, if we do decide to trade him, we must make sure we get value for him. And the deal I have drawn up is about as good as it will get. Like I said before, both teams are looking for CBs and I think this is a trade they would consider.

I actually like scenario 2 better, but would be very happy with either. I just think, the Long, Mendenhall, and Brohm picks are incredible. And getting Flowers to replace Hall, and then the Defensive help of Laws and Wheeler.

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Trade Keith Brooking and MeAngelo Hall to Jets for

Jonathan Vilma and 1st round 6 pick.

Keith Brooking fits there 3-4 Scheme

Free Agency Grab Alan Faneca and Flozell Adams and

Draft Future OT OG in late 5,6,7 rounds.

We need to be competitive this year. That will Seal

our line.

Then take 1st Round 3rd pick Darren McFadden now we

have a line.

With the 1st round 6 pick from Jets acquire Dominque

Rodgers-Cromartie to fill Meangelo's spot.

We have two picks in Second Round take Trevor Laws DT

Norte Dame

With Second Second round pick take Kenny Phillips from

Miami or Dajuan Morgan (North Carolina State)

With the Third Round take QB ...Either Chad Henning or

Andre Woodson or Joe Flacco. "will still got DJ


Late Draft 4 Round DT Jason Shirley From Fresno State


Take a look at our potential defense.

-Trevor Laws DT Norte Dame 1st(2nd Round)

- DT Fresno State Jason Shirley (4th Round)

- DE John Abraham -

-DE Jamall Anderson -

-MLB Jonathan Vilma (Trade with Jets)

-ROLB Demario Willams

- LOLB Micheal Boley

- CB Chris Houston

- CB Dominque Rodgers Cromartie (1st Round 6th Pick)

- FS DuJuan Morgan (2nd-2nd round pick)

-SS (Lawyer Milloy and Train Jimmy to take over)

Look at the Potential Offense.

-Flozell Adams (LT- Free agency)

- Alan Faneca LG (Free agency)

- C Mclure

- RG Forney

- RT Weiner.

-RB - Darren McFadden (1st-3rd pick)

-RB Jerious Norwood-

-WR Roddy White

-WR Laurent Robision.

-QB Chad Henning - Andre Woodson or Joe Flacco" we

still got DJ Shockley.


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