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Michael Turner


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"He'll have no shortage of suitors around the NFL, but whether or not he'll be utilized as a true featured back will determine his true draft value. Atlanta could add him if it decides not to draft Darren McFadden..."


Personally, I dont think it would be a bad choice, that is if the deal with Hall and Barber doesnt come in to play. He's shown flashes of potential, and although his nickname is "The Burner," I have more so than not seen him shed a few tackles to get key yardage. He would be a decent compliment to Norwood, or vice versa, but most importantly, we could use our pick to improve another key position, like the O-line (Long), D-line (Dorsey, Ellis), or even QB (Ryan). Just a though. Any opinions?

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He looks like a pretty solid back. What is interesting is how will this deep RB class effect his FA status? Teams may elect to go with one of the RBs in the 3rd/4th round range: Choice, Rice, Hart, Forte, etc., rather than giving Turner a hefty contract. He will still get a nice chunk of change, but it may not be as much as some expect.

Personally I'd rather go for a RB in the middle rounds of the draft. I won't be upset if we sign Turner, as long as he doesn't get that ridiculous contract, which he might have if he was a FA in the years past.

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