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my guys are :

Flozell Adams-a veteran LT who will protect our QB, also will bring alot of leadership to our line, and help turn blaylock into a pro-bowler...we cant have a line full of rookies

Julius Jones/Micheal Turner- Id take turner 1st, but due to the contracts that him and flozell would recieve, im not sure if that is possible...my alternative is Jones, who i think could be successful with a change of scenery..

anyone have any info on how much this guys will be asking for????

What type of contracts are they looking at??

Anyway, who are the free agents you guys want??


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Free Agent pick-ups:

Asante Samuel (only if we trade D-Hall)

Alan Faneca

Flozell Adams

Antonio Bryant

Bernard Berrian/Devery Henderson (if we don't planon drafting a WR)

T.J. Duckett (if we don't plan on drafting a RB // not Turner because he wold want too much)


3rd round pick and 5th round pick for Jon Vilma and Dewayne Robertson (rework contracts)

(Only if we can't resign Deangelo Hall before the draft this year): Trade D-Hall, Warrick Dunn, Lawyer Milloy to Dallas for both of their 1st round picks, Roy Wiliams, 2009 2nd round pick

(If we get both of Dallas's 1st rounders): Try and trade our 1st round pick, Michael Jenkins for Chad Johnson, 2nd round pick

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