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Glenn Dosey: "I'd love to be a Bird."

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Glenn Dorsey: 'I'd love to be a Bird'

If available, LSU tackle could solidify Falcons' defensive front


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Published on: 02/25/08

Indianapolis A twinkle flickers in Falcons coach Mike Smith's eyes when he talks about the middle of a defense.

As Jacksonville defensive coordinator he had Marcus Stroud and John Henderson anchoring his defense. When those behemoths needed a break, Smith sent in former Falcons tackle Grady Jackson for part of last season and in the playoffs.

With the No. 3 pick in the NFL's 2008 draft, the Falcons may have a chance to fortify the middle of their defense. Louisiana State University's Glenn Dorsey could be available. The Falcons must examine extensive medical reports on the tackle.

Indianapolis president Bill Polian has a long history of picking top talent. Polian scouted Dorsey when the Tigers played Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl following the 2006 season.

"He was a force," Polian said. "He can do it all. He can stop the run. He can rush the passer. He can beat you one-on-one."

While part of the defensive tackles' job is to take up blockers, Dorsey has shown that he's more than just a space-eater. His unit helped LSU to its BCS national championship title last season.

"I'm not sure that many people can win a battle one-on-one against him in pass protection," Polian said. "To have a player that's inside like that, that is a force, that's good, a real positive."

Miami has the first pick in the draft, followed by St. Louis. Both could snap up Dorsey before the Falcons get a chance on April 26th in New York.

"He's an impact guy, he's an every-down guy, first, second and third," said Billy Devaney, St. Louis' vice president of player personnel after leaving his assistant general manager's position with the Falcons this year. "He elevates people around him, makes them better. ... The guy's going to be a great pro."

A possible draft scenario would be Miami drafting quarterback Matt Ryan and St. Louis taking defensive lineman Chris Long. That would set up the Dorsey to Atlanta move at No. 3.

"I'd love to go to the Falcons," Dorsey said. "I'd love to be a Bird."

Dorsey did not to workout at the NFL scouting combine. He measured 6-feet-1 1/4 and weighed 297 pounds. However, his assortment of injuries at LSU, including a stress fracture in the right tibia, sent off a medical alert.

Dorsey was at the hospital from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, getting tests.

"MRI's, CAT scans, everything," Dorsey said. "(There were) things from high school that they wanted to check out. It was quite interesting."

Dorsey, who plans to workout for the scouts on LSU's pro day on March 26, noted that he played in all games last season with the injury.

"I know I had a hairline fracture my junior year on my right tibia," Dorsey said. "I'm not sure how the test came out."

He remembers how the injury happened.

"I bumped it up against something in the weight room," Dorsey said.

On the field, a lot of teams have tried to block into Dorsey's knees with chop blocks.

"I've seen quite a few," Dorsey said. "Most of the time you are able to slide your foot with it. But a couple of times, I just got caught in it at the wrong time."

He's seen an assortment of block attempts designed to slow him down. One, against Auburn last season, resulted in an injured right knee.

"It just happened in a play where a guy accidentally went high on me and a guy hit me low," Dorsey said. "It kind of twisted my knee up a little bit."

The Auburn block drew the ire of LSU head coach Les Miles. But Dorsey has moved on.

"I'm not concerned about it," Dorsey said. "I let it go."

Dorsey seemed to take the extra medical scrutiny in stride.

"I'm not surprised by it at all, there's a lot of money they put in," Dorsey said. "Even if you were not hurt you are going to be sore after all these examinations


I really like the guys attitude, he understand what's going on. I like the way he spoke about injury he received in the Auburn game as well, saying the guy accidently went high on him. Giving him the benefit of the doubt. There are four picks I'd be more than happy with, Jake Long, McFadden, Ellis or Dorsey. ...of course that's at the 3 spot.

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