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My prdiction

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First Thinigs first we sign mike bell. We then sign flozell adams.calvin pace who at six 4 272 and freakish speed would be an inexpensive mlb. Allowing kieth "old man brooking" to be moved over to weakside under a reconstructed contract or released. The next thing will be to pursue a safety.Eugene Wilson or Madieu williams would be a great addition. I don't think grady jackson will play here again. therfore we must try to steal rogers for a lil of nothing. If that doesnt work we pray that dorsey falls in our lap. it'll be great to have both. but likely we will wind up with niether. I don't agree with trading d-hall but if we do we could possibly wind up with 3 first round picks.D-hall trade may play out like so. D-hall to detroit for rodgers and first round pick. then if dorsey and j. long is gone when we pick we trade no.3 to dallas for both their first rounders a fourth and a second next year. this gives us 3 first round picks. something very New England like.I know ellis will be gone by the time we get to detroits 15th pick. So we will pick up Chris Williams ot vandy 6 6 320. and the guy moves like a dancer with a long wingspan. Then with our 22 pick from dallas we pick up jeff otah pitt 6 6 340 he is a beast. We then trade the last dallas pick to someone looking to move up in the late first, and grab another second and possibly third or another pick next year. then in the second we find a Qb hopefully woodson with the first pick of our three second rounders. then we grab pat sims dt auburn 6 4 312 with the second, pick in the second round. he's very explosive and cause lots of fumbles. With the third of our second rounder picks we go with carl nicks ot nebraska 6 5 343. he is big and agile also. The rest of the draft we will add depth based on best available players or tade to pick upo even more picks or quality vets. that fills needs. with the F A signings and the aforementioned picks the falcons will beef up tremendously and in a hurry. This is just me thinking out loud on how I think this all plays out.

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