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Mr. College Football is back.. Comments on bama, auburn, and the soap opera in knoxville. UT's Colquitt had 5 alcohol offenses.


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It s great to be back!

By Tony Barnhart | Monday, February 25, 2008, 07:47 AM

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

When last we met, way back on Jan. 11, I thought I would give you until March before inflicting you once more with these daily ramblings. But sometimes the sheer weight of events makes it impossible to stay away.

So what did I miss? Here are five stories that caught my attention.

1. Alabama (Bear Bryant), Auburn (Shug Jordan), Ole Miss (John Vaught), Tennessee (Robert Neyland), and Georgia Tech (Bobby Dodd) have all named their stadiums after the most successful coaches in school history. Georgia just announced that it is going to name a garden and some athletics buildings for Vince Dooley, who won 201 games, six SEC championships, one national championship, and gave 41 years to the school.

Are you kidding me?

2. After waiting three years to finally become the starting quarterback for LSU, it took Ryan Perrilloux less than two months to get suspended indefinitely by coach Les Miles. That has got to be some kind of record.

With Perrilloux, the Tigers will be good enough to win the SEC West again. The only other quarterback in camp with experience (Andrew Hatch) is a transfer from Harvard never a good sign. Miles has a big decision to make.

3. Alabama signed the greatest recruiting class in the history of Earth. The recruiting class was so good that the other 11 teams in the SEC have decided to quit giving scholarships and play football only as a club sport. Just kidding. Okay, Alabama recruited well. Alabama SHOULD recruit well. But please, some perspective.

4. Reading the blogs on signing day, one Auburn fan was so dejected about his class relative to Alabama s that he wrote that head coach Tommy Tuberville needed to step it up. Well, let s see. Last time I checked, Tuberville had won six straight games against Alabama (a school record) and was 26-6 in his last 32 SEC games. Tuberville recently told a crowd that, contrary to some reports, Auburn will field a football team in 2008.

5.Tennessee punter Britton Colquitt has been suspended for the Vols first five games and has lost his scholarship after this fifth alcohol-related incident since coming to campus. According to media reports, Colquitt is the sixth Tennessee player to be charged by police since Jan. 11. John Adams, a columnist for the Knoxville News-Sentinel, says coach Phillip Fulmer should be fired. Fulmer responded with his own column in the same newspaper saying that he was not a big fan of John Adams work. Should be a fun off-season on old Rocky Top.

Just think. We re having this much fun and it s not even March yet.

What s been your favorite college football story so far in 2008?

It s good to be back.

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