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For those of you that want to invest $35 mil in a RB(McFadden)...


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Atlanta have a ton of options. Allot of good ones, but I have campaigned for the falcons to get Michael Turner for a couple of months now so I like the idea. Pick up Jake Long with the third pick. Flacco or Henne depending on whoever is available. After that the Falcons can focus on filling in all the rest of the gaps they have. But this draft class has a ton of Nice RB so I wouldn't be mad if they didn't get Turner, but drafted someone like Jamal Charles from TEXAS.

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g-dawg (2/25/2008)
With so many "impact" players getting franchised, I'm starting to just think "what the ****" and let's go after Michael Turner - "Turner the Burner" is fast but not as Fast as Run DMC - however, Turner is much thicker than McFadden and will be a better power runner in Mike Mularkey's system.

I would guess it would take a $40million dollar contract and 5years to get a deal done. You could backload some salary in that last year to make it a virtual 4 year deal. Turner is 26 now so this would take him up to age 30 where RB's start losing their stride.

This would free up the first round pick and others to avoid the RB position. Also, Michael Turner is a "known commodity" in the NFL and his game translates for sure and is not "projected" as to how he will play in NFL. Also Michael Turner is a power runner with speed so he is perfect for Mike Mularkey's system.

I was not originally for signing Michael Turner but free agency has gotten so "skinny" with all the franchise tags that there is very little left over and Turner is high quality....

what say you? if the money gets stupid for Turner, then we just "bow out"...

Because the top three backs in the draft are better than Turner, who sucks

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