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Free Agency

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I'm not sure if Arizona will have enough money, because they're trying to keep Fitzgerald.

Flozell is 32. I think he would be a nice guy to bring in for us. He's still playing at a high-level, and would provide us with a solid, veteran pro-bowler, on what looks to be a very young, inexperienced line. I'm also not sure how much I want a rookie starting at LT.

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Teams with the most money available

Miami Dolphins $44 million under

Jacksonville Jaguars $42 million under

Buffalo Bills $39.4 million under

Tennessee Titans $39.2 million under

New Orleans Saints $39.2 million under

San Francisco 49ers $37.4 million under

Tampa Bay Buccaneers $32.9 million under

Minnesota Vikings $32.7 million under

Cleveland Browns $32.5 million under

Chicago Bears $30 million under

Teams with the least salary-cap room

Team Room available

Arizona Cardinals $2.1 million over

Indianapolis Colts $230,850 over

Washington Redskins $103,000 over

Baltimore Ravens $961,000 under

St. Louis Rams $6.2 million under

Detroit Lions $6.8 million under

Carolina Panthers $7.8 million under

Dallas Cowboys $12.5 million under

Denver Broncos $16.7 million under

New England Patriots $17.4 million under

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