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Jonathon Goff


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This guy impressed me at the combine today.

Height = 6'2"

Weight = 238

40 Time = 4.63 (5th)

Bench Press = 28 Reps (2nd)

Vertical = 31.5 (8th)

Broad Jump = 9'10" (Tied 7th)

60 yard Shuttle = 11.50

He's kinda undersized but he put up good #'s. He wouldn't be a bad pick-up in the 4-5 rounds.


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BadBunch (2/25/2008)
I like him. But I like Jerod Mayo as well. It is said he would have been the top LB to come out next year if he had stayed.. Both are fast and MEAN!! And they can both play the middle. EITHER ONE WOULD DO! :cool:
or Curtis Lofton and Phillip Wheeler could turn out good too.but i'd prefer Lofton.
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I still see Wheeler as a OLB. He is not that great at the point of attack and can't shed blocks. I see him as a OLB with his 4.5 speed. However, OLB is not a need this year for us, but a true MLB is still needed. Next year is stacked with MLB, especially the guy in the sig! But I can't live with Brooking at MLB for another year, so I see us drafting one in the 3rd-5th range. Beau Bell or Jonathan Goff are tackling machines, are real fast, and are great vs. the run(thats what we need for MLB). They can play for at least 1 year at MLB until a true MLB comes in 09. They will change to OLB after 1 year. They also have great speed to play OLB. So I see, in 2009,.......

WLB - Goff or Bell or or Nicholas

MLB - Rey Maualuga

SLB - Boley

Holy Spit!

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