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Gholston could go #1

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Gholston has had an outstanding combine, and with all of the talk about Miami taking Chris Long first overall, I think that a real case could be made for Gholston.

Gholston topped long in every catagory at the combine except for the 20-yard shuttle. In addition, Gholston was the leader in Bench Press, Board Jump, Vertical Jump and he was in the top ten in every catagory, including a third place in the 40-yard dash...ahead of Long.

Gholston also has far more upside than Long at this point. Many scouts and anylists have been saying that Long is possibly the most polished player in the draft, but they have also speculated that Long may lack the upside that you would like in a top-5 pick. Gholston may be a little bit more raw, but with his measureables, experience and versitility, the sky is the limit for him in the pros.

So, what do you guys think?

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Brookhaven (2/25/2008)
I've been saying for weeks he'll go no lower than the Rams at #2 (which is goof for us.)

Is Miami going to the 3-4, or staying with a 4-3? That will have a lot to do with what they do.

They are running the 3-4. Gholston is only 258 pounds, meaning he is not big enough to play DE in the 3-4. Long played in that scheme in college, and is big enough to play against the run, which DEs in that system are supposed to do primarily.

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Gholston projects as a OLB in 3-4 (rush linebacker). Long projects as a DE in 3-4. It really depends on what Miami wants to do. If they are seriously thinking of moving taylor, then they could go after Gholston. But i think he is not worth #1 overall. He does disappear from games because he is just a raw beast on the edge and a technician tackle has taken him out of the game. This draft is deep on that type of player. Why take one that early AND at number 1? Jake Long would make more sense for a team who needs Oline help. Or Howie's kid on the D-line which was thinned by cuts. Howie's son = Young Aaron Smith.

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