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Brian Brohm


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If Brian Brohm is there in the second round that would be a steal for us...To me Brian Brohm is by far the best and most NFL ready in this draft...Yea he put up good numbers but its his intangibles that i like....Mayock always scream about matt ryans intangibles but the most important intangible is your decision making and i dont care how much they tell you to just fling the ball...If you throw 19ints....thats bad.....the thing is this is not a one year thing....In 2006 he just threw for 15TDs and 10 ints...yoo thats terrible

Brian Brohm threw 30 TDs and 12 ints and in O6 he threw for 16 Tds and 5 int... I can promise you that Brian Brohm will be a Carson Palmer type QB(with a lil less arm...its still strong tho)

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grendel (2/25/2008)
Brohm got screwed by Petrino too. Getting mad at Brohm because of Petrino is misguided. Redman is more of a Petrino guy than Brohm... Redman would be selling insurance if not for Petrino.

when we signed Petrino, Brohm didnt have a ton of nice things to say about him. people forget that, and assume because he played for him, he was his boy.

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