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What is your take on the QB situation as the draft is concerned???????


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With us Having a decent prospect in Shockley and some reliability with Redman should we try and grab a Flacco or wait till the 3rd round and try and grab a mobile QB that is a pass first QB but has the ability to scramble behind what appears to be a young o-line we will have here.

With not taking Flacco in the second round we will be able to address more of the line or maybe a running back in the early 1st round or second round we grab up for the DHall trade that is going to happen.

What is your take?

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By the time we draft in the second round, I think you'll see at least three QB's that will be decent in the future. I'd say Dixon, Booty and Brennan will be there. I think Booty and Dixon have the brighter futures. But even though Brennan is slipping on the draft boards after his ##### stomping at the hands of the dogs, and the fact that he lacks deep arm strength, I still think that he could be a steal in the right system. He has west coast offense all over him.

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my personal opinion is that i think matt ryan is the man and he has soooo much potential and will probably do very well in this league, however i think that we should and probably will because of smith and TD will draft Ol or Dl first. the problem drafting ryan at 3 is that if we miss and he struggles or turns out that hes just not that good, we set this organization back YEARS! jake long and glenn dorsey have played against much better talent in their college carrers. plus we need protection for a qb. look at the best qb's in the league, peyton, tom, eli, brett and so on, they all do or have had great OL play in their careers. put peyton behind our oline and he will look like david carr. draft SMART and take Jake in the first.

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I think we should give DJ his shot which he will have when the season starts,but really we need to go after flacco in the second.No other team really needs a qb other than miami,the ravens and maybe the vikes.Ryan should go first to miami because they need a qb bad,thay passed on quinn last year for a wide receiver and their most likely not going to resign green so what other way to go unless they have that much faith in john beck,brohm should go to the ravens because that is a serious need for their team,that would leave flacco for the second round,we have too many needs to draft a qb that high and pay him all that money not to show up which i don't believe that will be the case for flacco,he is showing out at the combine,we need to fix a bleeding problem that seems to be the same bleed year after year and thats our o-line.We don't need to draft a qb if we can't protect him.I know alot of people like dennis dixon but he's being looked at,at the wide receiver spot because of his size,and john david booty really hasn't showed anything he's been hurt the past couple of years and thats the last thing we need at qb if we don't have a line to protect him.i say we draft jake long with the 3rd pick and if we get a first with the trade of d-hall we go after dorsey are pat sims,people are saying dorsey might fall to the second round and if he does he'll be right there for us with our 2nd pick in the first round.

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mbrizzle (2/25/2008)
I wouldnt be shocked if there is only 2 starting QBs from this draft. Ryan obviously is the only lock. But after him, Chad Henne is the only guy who looks like a NFL starting QB to me.

what about chad henne showd hes more ready than brohm? i dont like brohm or woodson but chenne is terrrible! i think people are confused about how "good" michigan was last year, they were horrendous! its not like he was even pressured that much, he had jake long protecting his blind side, and mike hart running the ball down peoples throats and he still sucked it up! imagine him here with no running game and no protection... yikes.

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atlantaprodj (2/25/2008)
Flacco just went way up IMO

He may be the real deal after seeing the videos and reading the reviews.

Flacco.... Falcons.... say that three time real fast. :w00t:

Have Scientologists suddenly captured board members and brainwashed them?

What other reason could there be for people believing all the hype about Flacco?

Great highlight videos....of a guy playing against Towson, Navy, William and Mary, and Delaware State.

I wonder why there is no talk about Colt Brennan? Oh, I know why. Because when he faced some REAL competition (georgia) we all saw how his offense and his weak division allowed him to LOOK like a first round QB....but now we all know differently.

What happens when this guy faces real competition in the form of a Tampa defense smacking him around? By then it will be to late for us to change our minds on whether or not we want him on this team.

Brennan was a fake but at least he played in division 1. Flacco plays the same type of offense but in 1-A.....HUGE difference.

Flacco comes from the same type of offense and even had a 2000 yard rusher in his backfield. Never took a snap from under center either.

If the team is even THINKING about wasting a 2nd round pick on this guy I hope they make a smaller mistake and take Ryan or Brohm in the 1st.

Henne will be there in round 2 and is FAR FAR less of a risk than the 1-A hype machine from that NFL proving ground known as Delaware.

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