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The Smart Way to looking at the Draft.....................


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We all know that the Falcons need premium players bad with all the holes to fill in the roster.

We Need these positions filled:








CB Possibly if we trade Hall

Well with the 3rd pick we have to go DT because that position is the the weakest in this draft........Behind Dorsey and Ellis the only DT in this draft that could possibly start right away is Pat Sims from Auburn

OT is very deep in this draft and we can find our man in the second round

QB there are no real studs here and I would wait till late second or early third to fill this position.

MLB is also very weak but few teams need them in this draft

Safety very weak position as well in fact only one in this draft that could start most likely

RB is very deep and we could get a steal in the later rounds third or fourth

Kicker we either need to trade for Elam or Draft Coutu or Crosby in the later rounds.

CB is actually fairly deep with Cover two corners to be had....

So here are my ideas........

If we do not trade at all here is my mock draft through the first four rounds.

#1 DT Sedric Ellis USC

#2 OT Anthony Collins Kansas unless OT Sam Baker from USC is here

#2 QB Chad Henne Michigan

#3 MLB Jerrod Mayo Tennessee

#3 RB Jamael Charles Texas or it could be Matt Forte Tulane

#4 The best prospect of either OG Or Safety

I believe the best thing is to get as many picks as you can in this deep draft.....just say we trade D Hall which I hope Not to Redskins for the 21st pick and a fourth rounder.

Trade our #3 Pick with Dallas for 22nd and 28th picks and a third round pick unless they would give us Barber.

Here is what we would have:

#1 Three Picks

#2 Two Picks

#3 Three picks

#4 Three picks

#5 One pick

#6 Two Picks

#7 One pick

That is 15 choices and we know we want to pick 8-10 of the best players we can for the team. So we have many chances to trade up and nab the players that are on our Board with all those extra picks.

Here is my 8 - 10 players I want that possibly could be had doing this.

Rb Jonathon Stewart Oregon

OT Sam Baker USC

DT Pat Sims Auburn

MLB jerrod Mayo

QB Chad Henne or Flacco

CB The Kid from Kansas or Brandon Flowers VT

Safety Kenny Phillips Miami

Kicker Brandon Coutu

#1 Jonathon Stewart RB Oregon- Stud Big back to team with Norwood

#1 Kenny Phillips Safety Miami- Heavy hitting Safety up the middle we need badly

#1 Sam Baker OT USC- One of the best Zone Blocking OT and a stud

#2 Pat Sims DT Auburn- Plug in the middle to replace Coleman

#2 Best CB Available I think Flowers will be here- Replace D Hall

#2 Trade up using one third round pick and a 6th to pick Chad Henne or Flacco- Or future QB

#3 Jerrod Mayo MLB Tennessee- Moves Brooking to natural position

#3 Best Tight End- Great blocking TE

#4 Best Linebacker or DE on the board- Depth

#4 Best OG- Possible starter on the other side in a year or two

#5 Brandon Couto Kicker Georgia- Needed Kicker

#6 Best need pick........Return specialist or Receiver

#7 Thomas Brown RB Georgia

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Maybe yes and maybe no. This draft is deep with OT's but the majority of them will need a year or two to play. And, only a few project to the LT position.

Wait for Free Agency to shake out. If we trade for Shaun Rodgers, for example, we may prefer to go with an OT in round one. I think that Jake Long can do a very good job at LT for us. However, if Jake is off the board and we don't add a good DT before the Draft, then we pretty much have to go with Ellis. Either way, we get a top quality big guy to set a foundation.

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