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I guess the Hollywood left would sh*t their shorts if MM got up and said things like this on National TV....

Moore would not say whether he would campaign for the candidate who wins the Democratic nomination. In place of the Clinton and Obama plans, Moore touted legislation sponsored by Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.) that would extend Medicare benefits to the nation s entire population.

Clinton's plan would use mandates to require people to purchase health insurance as a means of getting coverage for all people. Clinton has even said she would not rule out garnishing individuals wages if they failed to comply. Obama would only mandate coverage for children.

Moore said he was pressuring friends on Capitol Hill and Hollywood who have endorsed Clinton and Obama to push them closer to single-payer healthcare. It s equally, perhaps even more, important on this issue that people across the country elect members of Congress who support Conyers s bill, Moore said.

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