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My Newest Mock Ever!

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Okay, here's my crazy idea: Detroit needs some CB help and they have Shaun Rodgers on the block. Rodgers can be the big body we've desperately needed: He's 6'4''/345lbs and just 28 years old. So, we trade D-Hall for Rodgers and the Lions 2nd rounder and maybe a pick next year then the draft falls out like this.

R1 #3: Sedrick Ellis-DT-USC

-Between the trade for Rodgers and the addtion of Ellis we have a premier interior d-line. If you watched the video of Ellis at the Combine you get this pick. And I would LOVE Jake Long here but the OT depth is good enough that we can wait til later.

R2 #34: Chad Henne-QB-Mich

-Its a toss up between Henne and Flacco, but Henne seems to have a lot of toughness and leadership. He sits behind a vet (maybe Redman or Billy Volek) for a few games and starts late.

R2 #45: Sam Baker-OT-USC

-May not be a franchise left tackle but can anchor the right side of our line for the next 8-10 years.

R2 #48: Matt Forte-RB-Tulane

-If you caught the senior bowl you get this pick. He can be part of a one-two punch with Norwood.

R3A: Trae Williams-CB-USF

- The other USF CB that no one is talking about helps make up for the lack of depth at DB.

R3B (comp for Kerney): Martin Rucker-TE-Mizz

-We begin to recover from losing Crump by picking up a big (6'6''/255lbs) and talented catcher (84 recs, 834yds, 8 td's).

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scott24falcs (2/24/2008)
Doesn't DET run a Cover 2? If so, I'm not sure they would need Hall. But I like your thinking.

do they??? i had no idea.

i really didnt think they did... **** ill need to check that out.

anyways, sam baker is definately NOT a RT. he is a LT through and through. he might not have the size to play LT for us in this scheme, yet he could play RT in this scheme???

rt is usually the mauler and the LT is not as likely to be a stud run blocker. you flip flopped it.

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