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some players that caught my eye at the combine

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I am on the josh j bandwagon but the best to me on physicality level looked lik chad henne and ha a tighter spiral to boot.Matt ryans excuse for backing out of some basic passing drills shows a lack of competiveness. announcers allso says 19 int. has to be a concern. lets not forget he had one of the stiffer o-lines in college this year.they risaed competition concerns about jj and flacco, but 42 to 1 td. intercept ratio has to be considered.the man can find receivers and get the ball to them.


A lot of wr's their with great speed, but james hardy running a 4.45 forty at 6'-5" is the ticket for us we need a big target reciever sense we will not be throwing to our tight end. announcers says nobody their is woth a top 1st rd. pick. that means we do have a chance of getting him in the later rds.


of course i would daydream of the possibility to draft the massive guy from virginia but charlo rachel from USC caught my eye, there was some guy from rutgers that caught my intrest in some drills i forgot his name.

AS far as glenn dorsey is concerned, he is beggining to scare me, if he is not healthy by pro day, i say its ellis all the way.

seeing how we need an allpurpose back sense we allready have a4.3 homerun threat i see nothing wrong with picking stewart or forte as our rb's one runs 4.48 the other 4.46.

we might have a chance to steal the cromartie cat at db sense some analyst has him ranked as the 5th best.

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