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Jerry Jones will make an offer.


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I would be surprised if he gives up what it would take to move to #3 to get McFadden.

I couldn't see the Raiders paying #4 Running Back money after what they did for Russell last year.

KC has Trench problems.

NYJ are a likely candidate, but they have trench problems as well.

If he goes past Oakland at 4, I could see McFadden easily dropping out of the top-10 based on draft order needs. But not very far after that.

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If DMC falls to 6, I will personally bet he is a Jet.

He is one of 4 or 5 elite prospects. He just ran a 4.33 and had great workouts. He will got top 5 probably. A team will move to 5 for him if he is there because it will be a given that the Jets take him.

With that said, I hope we dont take him @ 3. Not because I dont think he will be a very good RB, but because I think Glenn Dorsey or Jake Long will have a bigger impact on our team.

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atljbo (2/24/2008)
i can see dallas tradeing vthere 2 1st round picks...2009 1st round pick and Bobby Carpenter

i think jerry jones will want to keep marion barber........i would still take that trade tho

think about it this way...this draft is full of starters in the late 20s

then most likely we will have a top 15 pick next year and very possibly a top 10 pick....we will have to speand close to 30 million in guarenteed money in back to back season if we dont do this trade

one last thing....if we had dallas 2009 draft pick it is so much we could do with it...with our pick we could get MLB 6'3 250lbs Rey Maualuga....and with dallas pick if we wanted to finish up our O-Line we could draft....LT/RT 68 350lbs Phil Loadholt, or Guard 6'7 351lbs Herman Johnson

We can get alot of value with those 3 picks.......we can get 3 10 year starts and thats what we need

you, sir, know how to read minds. Maualuga is going to be the best thing since sliced bread at MLB. that's why i'm hesistant to put MLB in my draft (Beau Bell can play outside). If there's any LB i'd take this year, it'd be Phillip Wheeler because he can definitely play outside and not miss a step. Maualuga at inside will be NASTY with boley and wheeler beside him.

sidenote: Bobby Carpenter plays OLB, right? if so, there'll be no need to even draft a linebacker with your trade. good f'ing thinking.

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Sixer (2/24/2008)
Could the Rams take Run DMC and use him as leverage? They will definitely have the Raiders and Cowboys in the palms of their hands. What if they work out a deal with the Raiders and trade Run DMC for Chris Long (DE from VA) and a 3rd round pick?

If the Dolphins or Rams draft or threaten to draft McFadden, they risk ruining their cap space for a player that they don't need. We are the first team that [i]can draft McFadden. And we sit one pick ahead of the team that will draft McFadden.

In other words, we are in a very good situation. If we trade down with Dallas, we win. If Miami or St Louis makes a deal, we still win because our favorite player will certainly drop into our laps.

Man, that coin flip was a true stroke of luck.

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