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wondering how some qb did today at the combine


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falconcj21 (2/24/2008)
like flacco, brennen, brohm and henne????thanks

I didn't watch the entire thing, but this is what I saw/heard.

Flacco- Ran the 40 very well. I'm not sure of the exact time though. Also threw some nice spirals in the drills.

Brennan- Actually threw the ball quite well. He had some nice, accurate spirals to the WRs. I'm not sure if he ran the 40.

Brohm- Didn't really get to see him.

Henne- See above. But I heard the announcers say he looked good.

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i watched the combine today and this is wat i saw

flacco-did good throwen showen off his god arm with most of the passes and did good in the 40

brohm- did really well at throwin showing he is a very good at throwen it and timeing wit new receivers

henne- out of wat i saw i wasnt impressed

brennan-did much petter then anyone expected out of him

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the_next_level (2/24/2008)
Yeah pretty much what the other guys said.With the exception of Ryan....apparently he took a huge crap,on the field and the announcer's said it was solid gold.With the way they were jocking Ryan you would swear Ryan ran a 4 flat forty,did 38 reps of 225 bench press,threw an 80 pass,and walked on water.

:w00t::w00t::w00t: Mayock's got em all drinkin the kool-aid.

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brohm- looked impressive and i still think hes the top qb

brennan- surprised me today and looked pretty good throwing it, still has work to do on his mechanics obviously

henne- looked alright, has good arm strength but i didnt see him much

flacco- ran a 4.72 and 4.74 i think, he looked good spinnin' it too

and marshall is one guy i love because he plays devils advocate to mayock all the time. he pi**ed him off about 4-5 times today and mayock just lost his cool. it was hilarious.

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I watched a little bit of the QBs throwing and here's what I noted:

Brohm - I don't like Brohm in terms of his intangibles, but he looked pretty good throwing the deep ball. Him and Brennan looked the best to me.

Flacco - I watched him throw 10 yard outs and his throws were wild and all over the place. He threw bullets, but we already knew that he has a big arm. I still have serious questions about his accuracy...

Brennan - Showed up to the combine at 207 lbs (has really been working hard to bulk up apparently, which is great for his stock), and I have to say him and Brohm impressed me the most. Brennan was accurate and threw a very pretty ball.

I didn't see Henne.

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