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Sedrick Ellis

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check this out!

Vernon Gholston- 37 reps

Trevor Laws- 35 reps

Ahtyba Rubin- 35 reps

Sedrick Ellis- 34 reps

Nick Hayden- 34 reps

Kentwan Balmer- 33 reps

Frank Okam- 32 reps

Derek Harvey- 31 reps

Lawrence Jackson- 31 reps

Dre Moore- 31 reps


those are the only ones up right now according to the site bam 19 told us to check out, fflivewire. gholston had THIRTY SEVEN REPS! holy sh**!! and laws and rubin both had one more than ellis, and balmer had 33. those are 3 guys i really like and they did well in the bench press. awesome!

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Vernon Gholston has really, really surprised me. I am an Ohio State fan, and when he came out I thought it might a year early, but he has solidified himself as a top 10 prospect, might even go to the Pats @ 7 (I have heard the Jets are looking at him @ 6, but I think they will jump at the opportunity to get DMC)

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I thought Sedric Ellis was supposed to be the highest bench press in recent memory?

Looks like he got showed up by a guy who is almost 50 lbs lighter!

Not dissing Ellis, but hyping Gholston. I am not one to accuse, but looking at Gholstons numbers paired with his build (not his size, but how he is built) Gholston looks like a juicer.

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Mr. Offseason (2/25/2008)
Trevor Laws: 6'1" (about, half a foot), 304 pounds, 5.08 official 40 time, 35 reps at 225 and a 30.5 inch vertical jump.

thats awesome strength and explosion right there. i dont know if he will be available with our 2nd rounder from houston anymore.

5.08 is not awesome explosion. What are his shuttle numbers and splits?

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