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A new twist for the draft


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Here's a new a twist for the draft . Everyone has us taking Glenn Dorsey, Sedrick Ellis, Jake Long or even Matt Ryan with the # 3 pick. So, here's my thought let's take Chris Long. Let's make our franchise player a defensive stud , let's make our defense in the mold of the Ravens defense. This is also assuming that we trade Dhall to someone whether its Dallas, Washington, Tampa Bay or New York for Draft picks. My preference is Dallas and take their 2 1rd picks as compensation. So our 1st round could look something like this:

#3 - Chris Long

#22 - Rashaad Mendenhall

#28 - Gosder Cherilous

Round 2

Chad Henne

Jerod Mayo

Now you guys can fill in the rest !

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We either trade Abraham or move Andersen to DT . I figure with is size at 6'7 280 he could clog a passing lane . We could also move Long to OLB since most are looking at him as a OLB in the 3-4 scheme . Then your Line Backing corps would be :

SLB- Chris Long

MLB - Jerod Mayo

WLB - Mike Boley

Andersen and Abraham both stay in their current positions and we draft a big body DT in the 3rd round to take pressure off them so them so they can reck havoc.

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