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Poll for Hall


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falconstat2dfreak (2/24/2008)
i would say nope. lets get some vets who got a couple good years in them to fill up the gaps we need filled. if we can get 2-3 holes filled for d.hall i am all for that

but what it comes down to who needs a cb in the nfl and who has f.a or expendable players to fill our holes that need to be filled? :)

so far ive been hearing about shaun rodgers and the lions 2nd round pick

or giants first and shockey

those both fill holes.. i would go for lions.. but i rly would like to see Hall stay in ATL

and teams have expenable players but i never heard of a team having a f.a... i do get what you mean tho

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i would like to see shockey atleast then we kow we have a t.e who is tough as nails and can catch . just my opinion. if he can keep his mouth shut and play we might look better then getting shawn rodgers.

man the det and nyg trades can both help us leaps but i prefer the giants deal as we all know that shockey is @ top 5 t.e

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