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Hopefull Mock Draft

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I really wanted Mcfadden but I hope the draft turns out like this. We trade DHall and a 3rd rounder to Dallas for their to first round picks. We trade Kernery comp pick so we still have a 3rd round pick.

Miami Round 1 pick 1: Chris Long DE/OLB Virginia

St. Louis Round 1 pick 2: Jake Long OT Michigan

Round 1 pick 3: Glen Dorsey DT LSU(Best defensive player in the draft IMO and will help our DLine immediately.


Round 1 pick 22: Dan Connor MLB PSU(replaces Keith Brooking and is our future MLB)


Round 1 pick 28:Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie Tenn State(my favorite CB and replacment for Hall)


Round 2 pick 37: Sam Baker LT USC(Baker drops and we get or future LT)


Round 2 pick 48: Martellus Bennett TE Texas A&M(cut Crumpler get our future TE)


Round 3 pick 68: Matt Forte Tulane(get a power back to team up with Norwood)


Round 3 Kerney comp: Joe Flacco QB Delware(huge steal in the 3rd round)


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