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an arguement for Flacco


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In those highlights we see him against Towson, William and Mary, Navy, and Delaware State.

My next door neighbor has a highlight reel of his kid dominating in pop warner, wanna draft him this year too?

Flacco is a product of the hype machine.

While he may be a good NFL QB, this team needs someone now who comes with far less risk.

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i think Flacco CAN come in and make an immediate impact. and i think the same thing about Woodson

Ok, explain to me why.

He faced 2nd tier teams, and not very good 2nd tier teams either.

He took all his snaps from the shotgun.

Ran a spread offense that is not pro-friendly at all.

Doesnt know how to 3,5, or 7 step drops.

Had a 2000 yard rusher in his backfield.

He's tall. He can throw far....what else ya got?

ANY player in the draft is a risk. Picking a player that is of the least risk is the key and as it stands, any QB in 1-A is far too great a risk no matter how tall or how his stats were against inferior teams.

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