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50 Sexiest Women In TV History


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PAMELA ANDERSON NUMBER 1????????? Are you kidding me? Yea, nothing is sexier than a surgically built, herpes infested sperm dumpster like Pam freaking Anderson, that list's author needs to get the needs to get better tv.

And what about Heather Thomas from The Fall Guy


or Shirley from Whats Happening


So maybe not Shirley...maybe not, but this is no dumber a choice than Pam Anderson at #1

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Although i dont agree with many in the top 5 but Pamela Anderson as No. 1 ???

This is just wrong - wrong wrong wrong ....

Think about it - 2 bags of silicon mounted on not even natural blond hair win against a natural beauty like Fawcett, Barbara Eden or Diane Rigg ??? Pam maybe the top 5 on the list of "how to NOT pimp your body" but not on a list of hottest women.

Whoever is responsible for this shall be punished !

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holymoses (2/23/2008)
A few of these cracked me up, Marcia Brady, Jeri Ryan (The woman who launched Barack Obama's career!) and Christina Applegate.

And they settled the score on the "Ginger/Maryann" debate.


I cannot believe Pamela Anderson is number 1. She's a Silicone explosion. Also anybody seen Catherine Bach latley Miss Daisy Dukes inventor. Man Age is a bi-tch. :(



to this


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