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D.Hall trade/Mock Draft/ FA


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We trade D.Hall to Dallas for Bobby Carpenter and their 2nd 1st round pick (28th)

Mock Draft

1. Jake Long 6'7 313 Offensive Tackle (Our new LT for years to come)

1. Rashard Mendenhall 5'11 225 Running Back (Finally our power back)

2. Pat Sims 6'4 314 Defensive Tackle (Start at NT next to trey lewis)

2. Reggie Smith 6'1 195 (Our New Starter in replace of d.hall also greater return man)

3. Chilo Rachal 6'4 315 Offensive Guard (our starting right guard either this ear or next)

4. Brad Cottam 6'7 270 Tight End (Big blocker which we need also has great hands)

4. Brandon Coutu 6'0 200 Kicker (we need a kicker for the future and hes the best)

5. Jamie Silva 5'11 210 Strong Safety (Great number and is a ballhawk)

6. Chase Ortiz 6'3 255 Defensive End (Depth)

7. Jason Shirley 6'5 330 Defensive Tackle (Depth plus hes huge)

7. Davone Bess 5'11 195 Wide Reciever (Our Wes Welker)

Free Agency

Randy Starks 6'3 312 Defensive Tackle

Drayton Florence 6'0 195 Cornerback

Maurice Williams 6'5 315 Offensive Tackle/Offensive Guard

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in this we did get dallas's 1st round pick they have two this year so we got bobby carpenter and the 28th pick overall. i think for qb we can go 1 more year with redman i mean we dont need to get a QB high anyway look at Jacksonville david garrard doesnt throw the ball a lot because they are always running on offense which is what our new offensive scheme is supposed to be.

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Exactly a run based offense , so take out Reggie Smith from that draft and insert Chad Henne as your QB of the future. Henne and Redman can split time while Henne develops . I love the Mendenhall pick, since he can pound the rock and also catch it out the backfield . Most scouts agree that his best football has yet to come.

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goosedaddy70 (2/23/2008)
Your mock looked pretty good until you WASTED that 4th round pick on Coutu.

You guys need to quit on the whole Coutu thing. Its not like he is any better than any of the other guys like Serna or Carmody.

Please stop with this UGA homerism.

Well, I agree that the 4th is way too early for Coutu, let alone any kicker.

I hate UGA, in fact, I despise that school, but Coutu is the best kicker in the draft. Serna is garbage IMO. He's got a strong-leg, but doesn't seem accurate at all. And reports from the Combine say that Carmody barely had enough distance on his 50 yard attemtps (kicking in a dome too).

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