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LT Ryan Clady can slip in the draft


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Former Boise State offensive tackle Ryan Clady clearly needs to gain more upper body strength if he's going to succeed at the next level. He did only 24 bench press reps today at the Combine, before opting out with a "injury". We've been told, despite weeks of extensive weight training, Clady's only increased his reps from 20 to 24 in 5 weeks.

My boy at draftdaddy said that word around the combine is that when Clady only benched pressed 225 24 times, he faked a injury...he said he can see Clady slippin into the 20s and if he does not blow the scouts out of the water on his pro-day maybe in the early 2nd round

(alan branch size slip)

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Negatives: Lacks lower-body strength to handle the bull rush effectively and, even though he plays at a good pad level, he will get up on his heels and is susceptible to getting walked back into the pocket when he does...Intelligent player with good vision, but he has had a few mental lapses on the field that have produced costly penalties...Must show better work habits in the weight room and needs to be monitored...His lack of ideal leg drive prevents him from getting great movement on drive blocks and he fails to show enough power to root out more physical defenders...Gets caught up in the battle in the trenches, trying to face up and stone the defender, rather than slide back and protect the pocket...Has quick feet, but when he loses on a counter move and the edge rusher gets free, he is slow to recover...Might be a better fit at right tackle, as he has problems handling fast movement when on an island; will sometimes aim high when coming out of his stance and the result is that an edge rusher can slip under his blocks...Could be a more effective drive blocker if he can add and maintain at least 20 pounds on his frame...Sometimes opens his hips a little too much when attempting to anchor.


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Ryan Clady

T, Boise State

War Room analysis

Run blocking: Does not fire off the snap and drive his man off the line. Reaches defensive linemen quickly and stays after blocks. Struggles to work around shaded defensive linemen (an inside-shaded tackle or a wide-aligned end) to make reach blocks. Drives defensive linemen down the line on side blocks. Reaches the second level quickly. Pulls and leads perimeter runs. Grade: 7.5

Pass blocking: Needs some technique work, but is great at protecting the quarterback's blind side. Shows quick footwork to slide outside and cut off edge rushers with ease. Shows the agility and athleticism to redirect and slide back inside to neutralize double moves to the inside. Must better use hand punch to keep power rushers out of his chest. When jolted, shows athleticism and footwork to reset and hold his ground. After making contact with edge rushers, too often stops shuffling feet, and thus crosses over to chase defenders around the corner. Grade: 8.5

Initial quickness: Anticipates the snap well, and is quick out of his stance. Slides quickly to the corner to cut off edge rushers. Makes contact with defensive linemen quickly on in-line run blocks, and reaches linebackers in a flash. Grade: 9.0

Strength: Is a bit thin, but has good natural strength. When failing to use hand punch effectively, can be jolted backward by bull rushers. Does not move the pile on straight-ahead runs. Once locked onto defensive linemen, snaps hips to torque them off their feet. Grade: 7.5

Mobility: Shows the quickness and athleticism to get off the snap and through the line to deliver a blow to linebackers and to pull and lead on perimeter runs. After delivering initial blow in the open field, keeps knees bent, maintains good balance and sustains the block. Grade: 8.5

Bottom line: Clady, a junior, has the rare athleticism to become an elite NFL left tackle. He is competitive and works to the whistle. To maximize his skills, Clady must focus on using good technique on every play. Look for him to move past better-known offensive tackles on draft boards around the league. He should start early in his NFL career and eventually become a Pro Bowl player.

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