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Personally, I think we need to get rid of DeAngelo Hall for some picks in the draft. For our 1st round pick (pending who is left on the board) we should grab either: Long, Ellis, or Dorsey. I think we should wait until a 2nd or 3rd round to grab a QB off the board and the RB position is pretty deep this draft but we'll have to see what they decide to do with the whole FA thing next week. Hall has expressed that he "doesnt feel wanted" so I think we should just get it over with, I dont think there is a way that we could get him back on the train.

Possible later round QB:



QB Josh Johnson

INDIANAPOLIS -- Matt Ryan should be the first quarterback chosen in this year's draft, and Brian Brohm should be the second. My question: Where does Josh Johnson go?

If you haven't heard of him, sit still. You will.

Josh Johnson's stock rose significantly at the East-West Game. (US Presswire)

Johnson is the most intriguing quarterback at this week's NFL Scouting Combine and one of the most intriguing players, period. A star at the University of San Diego, he put up such astonishing numbers that pro clubs are beginning to wonder if he's too good to ignore.

And the answer is, yes, he is.

"It wouldn't shock me if he's a first-day pick," said Billy Devaney, the Rams' executive vice president in charge of player personnel. "He absolutely dominated at the (Division 1-AA level) and did everything you want at the most important position."

He has that right. Last season Johnson threw 43 touchdown passes, with one interception. In 2006, he had 34 touchdown passes and five interceptions. And in 2005 he was 36 and eight.

Do the math. That's 113 TDs and 14 interceptions in three years. He was 31-4 as a starter. He had a career efficiency rating of 176.8. He threw at least four touchdown passes in 15 of his last 26 games.

"And that kind of productivity," said San Francisco offensive coordinator Mike Martz, "you can't dismiss."

Of course, the knock on him is that he didn't play against big-time competition, but so what? I'm with Martz. How do you dismiss those numbers? You don't, and there are a lot of people coming around to the guy after he was named Offensive MVP of the East-West Shrine Game.

Count the NFL Network's Mike Mayock among them. When he scouted East-West practices, he said he went in thinking that Johnson might be a nice late-round developmental project. Then he watched one workout and called an audible, believing Johnson might qualify as a fourth-round draft pick.

"The more I watched him over two days," said Mayock, "the more I said, 'I'll bet somebody is scared to death to wait until the fourth round.' I think someone will jump up and take him in the third and say, 'We'll take a chance and maybe wind up with a starter.'"

Get in line, folks, because the bandwagon is boarding. Josh Johnson is the best quarterback you never heard of, and that has more to do with where he plays than how he plays. In fact, as Johnson said, when he first decided to go to USD some of his friends congratulated him, mistakenly thinking he was going to San Diego State.

Yes, there is a difference.

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