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Atlanta Falcons 2008 NFL Draft


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Atlanta Falcons 2008 NFL Draft

From Andrew Wynne and James Alder

Draft Needs of the Atlanta Falcons

Quarterback Obviously Michael Vick is through in Atlanta, and neither Joey Harrington or Byron Leftwich look like the answer. Matt Ryan very well could be the future quarterback for this franchise unless running back Darren McFadden is still on the board when the Falcons pick. QB Chad Henne SR 6-3/245/5.00 Michigan rd 2

Nose Tackle The Falcons need a young run-stuffing defensive tackle who can dominate the point-of-attack, occupy multiple blockers, and collapse the interior pocket. rd 1

DT Sedrick Ellis SR 6-1/307/4.95 USC

Middle Linebacker Scooping up a talented middle linebacker to groom as the eventual starter would allow the Falcons to move Keith Brooking to the outside and add some depth to an already-talented linebacking corps. rd 4 MLB Jerod Mayo JR 6-2/235/4.65

Offensive Tackle An upgrade on the left side is desirable, especially now that the Falcons line is likely to be protecting a right-handed quarterback rd 2 OT Ryan Clady JR 6-6/320/- plus rd 3 OT Anthony Collins JR 6-6/315/5.20

Wide Receiver - Roddy White showed flashes of talent in 2007, but Joe Horn is well past his prime and they really don't have anyone else of note on the roster other than Michael Jenkins, and he doesn't appear to be starter material. rd 5 WR 17 D.J. Hall SR 6-2/198/4.48 Alabama

Defensive End A young pass rushing defensive end is needed to backup and eventually replace John Abraham. rd 6 DE Kirston Pittman SR 6-2.5/254/4.74 LSU

Rd 7 - 2 picks -FB 4 Jacob Hester SR 5-10.5/229/4.63 and DT 22 Steven Coleman SR 6-3.5/310/5.20 Oklahoma

FA Sign

RB Michael Turner UFA 4 5-10/237 San Diego

OG Rex Hadnot UFA 4 6-2/323 Miami

S Gibril Wilson UFA 4 6-0/197 Tennessee NY Giants

D Hall thing - well it work out - to early to give a opinion

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I kind of disagree on the wide receiver point. Seems like Laurent Robinson, who I think anyone would agree had a promising rookie year, is an eventual starter.

Imagine is "That Coach" hadn't been here and we had some semblance of a real offensive scheme, like the the final two games.

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