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Greatest Football Dynasty of All Time and Greatest Falcon Team?


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Just for fun I wanted to see what everyone thinks is the greatest dynasty? It could be argued the 2000s Patriots due to free agency and Competitive balance. So I did a Final four

70s Pittsburgh Steelers vs 2000s New England Patriots

Winner : 70s Steelers

Both had great teams but if Tom Brady had trouble with the Giants front four then what do you think about the steel curtain lol

Offense: Slight edge goes to the Patriots due to Tom Brady

Defense: Big edge to the Steelers because of their Linebackers and the short game that Brady likes to use.

90s Dallas Cowboys VS 80s San Fran 49ers

Winner 80s San Fran 49ers

Both teams were solid on both sides of the field but Joe Montana wins over Troy Aikmen anyday.

offense: Edge has to go to the 49ers as they would dink and dunk down the field until Rice got open to burn them.

Defense: Slight edge to the Cowboys due to total talent on the defense but Ronnie Lott makes up for alot.

70s steelers VS 80s 49ers

Hmmm tough Call??

Offense: Slight edge to Montanas 49ers

Defense: Steelers because of all the pressure on Montana

So who wins???????

Greatest Falcon team to me was the 1980 team in which had way more talent on it then even the 1998 Super Bowl team.

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