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Let me throw this out there


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We trade Hall for a top 10 pick.

We take J Long with the 3rd pick...then Mcfadden with the Hall trade top 10 pick(this would take some luck but I hear McFadden is dropping sense the combine).

Rounds 2 and 3 feature 3 picks so we pick up another OL...TE and a CB to replace Hall. We also draft a CB out of FA to aid with the Hall absense. Add another OL from FA and you have a significantly improved OL and speed speed and more speed to go with it.

True....the salary cap room may not accomodate all of this. So...get rid of Brooking and Dunn.

Redman is qb in 2008....then YKW rejoins the team in 2009(I know I have now lost 90% of the readers).

For the 10% that remain....we would now have the fastest qb rb tandom in the history of football. Redman would not be a bad backup at that point.

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