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Offseason scenario

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The Browns might not get a deal with Derek Anderson done. That means he will be tendered with a first and a third round pick.

Then we can trade DeAngelo Hall (or the first round pick we get for him) and a 3rd round pick for him to be our future QB.

That way our QB situation should be resolved.

With the 3rd pick in the draft we could draft McFadden, Jake Long, Dorsey or Ellis without a bad feeling of passing on Matt Ryan.

But I like Jonathan Stewart more than McFadden (better running style, better fit for our system). If we could get him somehow that would be great.

And by not giving Hall an extension we could make a run at Asante Samuels. He probably doesn't want to play for us. But this way CB would not be an area of need.

We would be better with Asante Samuels than ith Hall.

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legendary_status (2/23/2008)
You are right. Hall for Anderson only would be a fair trade. But they want to keep Anderson. That means we have to give up a first and a third rounder.

if they wanted anderson they wouldnt have drafted quinn or be shopping anderson. this is going to be like the chargers with brees and rivers only this time the browns are going to be smart about this and get something for anderson instead of letting him walk. if we wanted anderson and offered the browns hall, i think the trade would happen. if anything the browns should give us a 3rd rounder.

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