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!Amazing Mock Draft! Realistic and Organized.

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::Blockbuster Trade::

Atlanta sends CB DeAngelo Hall to the Washington Redskins

Washington sends the 21st Pick and the rights to RB Ladell Betts

Reasoning: Hall gets the money that he craves and gets to join a team on the rise. Atlanta receives a solid first round draft choice and a power runner to compliment Norwood.


LOLB Michael Boley

Reasoning: He was arguably our best defensive player last year, he is young, and he never quits.

ROLB Demorrio Williams

Reasoning: Brooking is aging and Demorrio has a knack for making plays. Though he is undersized (cough singletary, zach thomas, cough) he is athletic and has a head of steam that Coach Mike Smith will be very attracted to. Led our team in tackles some years ago.

S Chris Crocker

Reasoning: He has only gotten better since his first year. A huge hitter and who is improving in coverage, Crocker may actually become a great Strong Safety when Milloy is spent.

OL Tyson Clabo

Reasoning: A young and talented lineman. He has shown his value by doing well at all 3 positions we have tried him at. A true competitor.

QB Chris Redman

Reasoning: The only QB to make our team look NFL worthy this year. He will hopefully sign on and be our 2 guy.

DE Chauncey Davis

Reasoning: Although he is not starter quality, he provides a good rush when given the chance, and quite possibly would have faired better than Anderson this year at LE. He will continue to be good depth, or may work his way into the starting line-up. He will come cheap.

K Morten Anderson

Reasoning: When he is no longer bloody accurate from inside the 35, let's cut him. But as long as he is automatic, why not use up everything he has in the tank while letting a young kicker learn under the all-time leading scorer.

::Released or Not Retained::

HB Warrick Dunn

Reasoning: Age, lack of size, declining skills, and unwillingness to accept a declining role will spell doom for Dunn's days as a Falcon. TO BLANK: He is NOT the power runner we need, no matter how great he is in the community.

LT Wayne Gandy

Reasoning: Age, immobility, and recent injury give Gandy a good chance of being cut. Although he was a team captain...

RG Kynan Forney

Reasoning: A player who once showed promise, has become a weak point. He is being paid too much to be a back-up.

CB Lewis Sanders

Reasoning: Old and no longer of use.

QB Joey Harrington

Reasoning: A weak arm and lack of downfield vision don't help Harrington's chances with our team. Although his passion and likeability may win the coaches for a short time as they did me.

QB Byron Leftwich

Reasoning: Slow mechanics and poor durability spell a no for this once heralded QB.

DT Rod Coleman

Reasoning: Similar to Keith Brooking's position, Coleman is a former great with declining skills, but there is not too much love attached to the recently injured DT. With a similar feel to the releasing of Kerney, Coleman will get the axe after two sub par, high paid seasons.

TE Alge Crumpler

Reasoning: His better days were behind him, and he would have been receiving the 2nd highest salary among all NFL tight ends next year. Yikes.

:: Possibly Restructured: But For Now Cut::

LB Keith Brooking

Reasoning: A huge salary, age, and declining skills tell me that he should be outright cut, but a fan favorite like Brooking will be given a chance to retire playing for fans that remember what he was. I say he gets cut.

WR Joe Horn

Reasoning: He was huge. Just not as a receiver. I believe he is a large part of why Roddy saw so much success. He showed Roddy how to prepare. That's what Horn said he would do, which tells me that he may be willing to be the team guy and rework his contract, with a possible WR's Coach future deal in mind.

::Free Agent Signings::

CB Asante Samuel UFA out of New England

Reasoning: Dimitroff knows Samuel well and once we trade DeAngelo Hall, he put extreme effort into obtaining the Probowl CB.

WR Bryant Johnson UFA out of Arizona

Reasoning: Overshadowed by stars Boldin and Fitzgerald, Johnson should out perform all of our recievers except for Roddy and possible Laurent. He would be a solid addition to our WR core. Roddy, him, and Laurent would be a great 1-2-3 combo.

OL Maurice Williams UFA out of Jacksonville

Reasoning: The front office hopes to get some good play out of the versatile lineman.

KR/CB B.J. Sams UFA out of Baltimore

Reasoning: If you remember what he did to us in our game against the Ravens, you know why he is special. A relentless return man, who should come relatively cheap because of injury questions.

RG Rex Hadnot UFA out of Miami

Reasoning: He is a versatile veteran who will be especially solid for us at right guard.

NT Tommy Kelly UFA out of Oakland

Reasoning: We need someone more talented than Montavious Stanley or Tim Anderson to rotate with Trey Lewis. He is a good Run Stopper with some pass rush ability.

::Team Pre-Draft::

: Offense:

QB NEED, Redman, Shockley

RB Betts, Norwood, Snelling

FB Mughelli, McIntyre

WR White, Johnson, Robinson, Jenkins, Jennings

TE Blakely, Milner, Cooper

LT Weiner, Foster

LG Blalock, Clabo

C McClure, Datish

RG Hadnot, NEED

RT Williams, NEED

: Defense:

LE Anderson, Davis

UT Babineaux, NEED

NT Kelly, Lewis

RE Abraham, NEED

LOLB Boley, Wilkins

MLB Taylor, NEED

ROLB Williams, Nicholas

CB Samuel, Houston, Irons, Grimes

FS Williams, Crocker

SS Milloy, Stone

: Special Teams:

K Anderson, NEED

P Koenen

KR Norwood

PR Sams

LS Schneck

::The 2008 NFL Draft::

:Round One:

1- Miami selects Chris Long, DE, out of Virginia

Reasoning: Parcells and the rest of the organization decides to go with Howie's kid. A masterful 3-4 defender who should greatly affect the aging defense.

2- St. Louis selects Glenn Dorsey, DT, out of LSU

Reasoning: St. Louis actually wanted Long because Carriker turned out to be a great DT. When Dorsey falls into their laps, however, they look at the aging Glover and decide to make one of the best DT combinations in football.


Atlanta trades the 3rd overall pick in the 2008 Draft to New York (J) for the 6th pick in the 2008 draft, the 69th pick in the 2008 draft, and the rights to Jonathon Vilma.

Reasoning: The Jets get the playmaker they want in McFadden to give a lift to their team as Peterson did the Vikings. Atlanta gets a top 5 4-3 MLB and an early third.

: Point Value:

Atlanta sends 1-3(2200)

New York Jets send 1-6(1,600), 3-69 (245), and Jonathon Vilma

2200 - 1,845 = 355 (about 54-55 value) accumulated to Vilma

:: Draft Continues::

3- New York (Jets) selects Darren McFadden, RB, out of Arkansas

Reasoning: New York gets a playmaker to lift Clemens and the Jets young offense.

4- Oakland selects Sedrick Ellis, DT, out of USC

Reasoning: The interior defensive line rush specialist they had, Sapp, retired& So& They get a younger one.

5- Kansas City selects Jake Long, LT, out of Michigan

Reasoning: With their great Left Tackle retiring, they fill a huge need and this should rejuvenate their running game.

::**ATLANTA 1st PICK**::

6- Atlanta selects Matt Ryan, QB, out of Boston College

Reasoning: A quarterback with all of the tools to succeed in the NFL. With many experts raving about him, there is still a lot of doubts. The bright side is they added Vilma, a 3rd. AND Ryan for 3 spots in the draft.

7- New England selects Vernon Gholston, DE/OLB, out of Ohio St.

Reasoning: The Patriots get an incredible specimen to plug into their aging 3-4 linebacker group.

8- Baltimore selects Brian Brohm, QB, out of Louisville

Reasoning: The Ravens need a QB and they determine that Boller is not their guy. Brohm should help to lift their pathetic offense to new heights.

9- Cincinnati selects Keith Rivers, OLB, out of USC

Reasoning: Keith Rivers is a tremendous defender who can only help the Bengal s sorry defense improve.

10- New Orleans selects Kenny Phillips, FS, out of Miami

Reasoning: The Saints have an awful secondary that must be addressed.

11- Buffalo selects Leodis McKelvin, CB, out of Troy State

Reasoning: The Bills attempt to fill the void left by Clements departure.

12- Denver selects Ryan Clady, LT, out of Boise State

Reasoning: Denver, in dire need of a tackle, get s a steal here.

13- Carolina selects Phillip Merling, DE, out of Clemson

Reasoning: With the departure of Mike Rucker, the Panthers looks to add youth and ability to the DE position. Also an attempt to free up Peppers.

14- Chicago selects Jeff Otah, RT, out of Pittsburg

Reasoning: They have possibly the oldest tackle combo in the game, this is their need filled.

15- Detroit selects Mike Jenkins, CB, out of South Florida

Reasoning: Since Dre Bly flew the coup, they have needed a guy like this.

16- Arizona selects Jonathon Stewart, HB, out of Oregon

Reasoning: James gets older, a young HB comes to town.

17- Minnesota selects DeSean Jackson, WR, out of California

Reasoning: Arguably the worst WR core in the NFL gets a lift, to take some attention away from Peterson.

18- Houston selects Calais Campbell, DE, out of Miami

Reasoning: Okoye, Mario, and Campbell = Scary good DL with youth.

19- Philadelphia selects Sam Baker, T, out of USC

Reasoning: Justice got abused this season, they didn't forget.

20- Tampa Bay selects Malcolm Kelly, WR, out of Oklahoma

Reasoning: They get a solid WR prospect to help out one man show Galloway.

::**ATLANTA 2nd PICK**::

21- Atlanta selects Chris Williams, LT, out of Vanderbilt

Reasoning: Atlanta gets the offensive line help they desperately need.

22- Dallas selects Antoine Cason, CB, out of Arizona

Reasoning: Truly the only week part of their defense, they get an instant at #2 Corner.

23- Pittsburg selects Reggie Smith, S/CB, out of Oklahoma

Reasoning: Pittsburg was thrown for a loop when Polamalu got injured for a while. Their other safety also made a ******** winning prediction that showcased his inability to cover anyone. Reggie Smith should be able to come in and be a playmaker w/ Troy.

24- Tennesee selects Early Doucet, WR, out of LSU

Reasoning: Vince needs weapons. Doucet& Is a weapon.

25- Seattle selects Rashard Mendenhall, RB, out of Illinois

Reasoning: Atlanta had this trade open just in case one of their targeted players fell here. The one they wanted most fell and Atlanta gets a very underestimated halfback to run with Norwood to form a potent rushing attack.

26- Jacksonville selects Derrick Harvey, DE, out of Florida

Reasoning: With McCray in limbo and Hayward in injury limbo, the Jacksonville Jaguars try to patch up their dominant defensive line with this steal.

27- San Diego selects Kentwan Balmer, DT, out of North Carolina

Reasoning: Their aging interior linemen were abused a couple of times this year. Adding an explosive Tackle like Balmer should help.

28- Dallas selects Felix Jones, RB, out of Arkansas

Reasoning: The speedy running mate Dallas wanted Barber to be paired with if they couldn't get McFadden.

29- San Francisco selects Limas Sweed, WR, out of Texas

Reasoning: Darrel Jackson, Arnaz Battle, and Jason Hill? This team is desperate to find a go to guy. Sweed is the only man left who they feel has the potential at this spot.

30- Green Bay selects Dominique-Rodgers Cromartie, CB, out of TSU

Reasoning: This is a great situation for him, because he won't be forced into the lineup behind Harris and Woodson, but both will need replacing soon.

31- New York (Giants) selects Dan Connor, OLB, out of Penn St.

Reasoning: With the retirement of Strahan, the Giants will need an OLB so Kiwanuka can go back to his natural position.

::The Rest of Atlanta's Draft::

2-036) Gosder Cherilus, RT, out of Boston College

Reasoning: Although we did sign Maurice Williams, we realize that Cherilus is too good to pass up at this juncture. It should make for good competition.

2-049) Chilo Rachal, RG, out of USC

Reasoning: Following the NFL trend one guard got all of the attention, Albert, and squeezed into the 1st Round, but Chilo is solid, smart, and should match Albert s measurables with his quickness. We get a Blalock effect pick here again.

3-066) Dre Moore, DT, out of Maryland

Reasoning: A defensive tackle that doesn t get a lot of attention, has a solid combine, but scouts are stuck on Pat Sims and others emergence, which places Dre at the beginning of the 3rd.

3-069) Chris Ellis, DE, out of Virginia Tech

Reasoning: With all of the DE talent Ellis was almost forgotten. We seem to have a connection with Virginia Tech though, and Ellis will be able to spell Abraham beautifully while eventually taking the reigns, with some tutoring of course.

3-099) Jermichael Finley, TE, out of Texas

Reasoning: Milner didn t show us enough last year that he could be the TE of the future, so while Blakely starts, the two will duke it out.

4-105) Frank Okam, DT, out of Texas

Reasoning: We get a dominating force to spell Lewis. Hopefully he can prove the "experts" wrong and become a dominant force in the middle for years to come.

5-138) Jerome Felton, FB, out of Furman

Reasoning: A guy who can come in and hit people if Mughelli gets hurt, and he is a powerful short yardage runner, more so than McIntyre.

6-177) Brandon Coutu, K, out of Georgia

Reasoning: A dominating performance in a skills competition gives him the nod to be our future kicker.

6-197) Jayson Foster, KR/PR, out of Georgia Southern

Reasoning: Everybody wants their own Hester& We can only hope.

7-220) Zack Bowman, CB, out of Nebraska

Reasoning: One of the best Cornerbacks in College football until injury struck. He is a risk worth taking at this pick.

:: Post Draft Roster::

: Offense:

QB Redman, Ryan, Shockley

RB Betts, Norwood, Snelling

FB Mughelli, Felton, McIntyre

WR White, Johnson, Robinson, Jenkins, Jennings, Foster

TE Blakely, Milner, Finley

LT Weiner, C. Williams

LG Blalock, Clabo

C McClure, Datish

RG Hadnot, Rachal

RT M. Williams, Cherilus

: Defense:

LE Anderson, Davis

UT Babineaux, Moore

NT Kelly, Lewis, Okam

RE Abraham, Ellis

LOLB Boley, Wilkins

MLB Vilma, Taylor

ROLB Williams, Nicholas

CB Samuel, Houston, Irons, Grimes, Bowman

FS Williams, Stone

SS Milloy, Crocker

: Special Teams:

K Anderson, Coutu

P Koenen

KR Foster, Sams

PR Sams, Foster

LS Schneck

:: 2009 Outlook::

In Ryan Atlanta has a very talented & young prospect to compete with Shockley for the starting job while Redman tries to score 44 again.

In Betts and Felton Atlanta has a new, powerful runner to compliment Norwood and a young talented FB who may develop into our short yardage workhorse.

In Johnson Atlanta gained a former round one wide receiver from Arizona two be our solid number two option.

In Hadnot, M Williams, C Williams, Cherilus, and Rachal Atlanta has 3 new and extremely talented offensive lineman to develop into the starters as the veterans get the last bit of good play out (Hadnot and Maurice.)

In Moore, Kelly, and Okam Atlanta gained a proven run stopper from Oakland, who will only get better and two young, massive rookies to alternate with Lewis and Babineaux keeping them of the IR.

In Ellis Atlanta got a superbly talented DE to train under Abe and give him some breathers. He can also be a situational rusher if needed.

In Vilma Atlanta got one of the best 4-3 middle linebackers after he didn't fit in New York.

In Samuels the Falcons can sort of forget about DeAngelo Hall and gain a first in the process.

In Coutu Atlanta got a talented kicker to kick the long ones while Mort enjoys his last days as an NFL kicker.

In Sams and Foster Atlanta got a proven punt returner who will hopefully return to form after an injury and a dynamic Hesterlike freak who will hopefully meet his potential.

::What We Have In Our Future?::

A Competitive Football Team!

:::THE END:::

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You clearly put a lot of effort into this, therefore you deserve many responses.

To start, I agree with all of the re-signings, except for Demorrio Williams. He s way too undisciplined, and often he lets his athleticism take him right out of plays. He s made some big plays for us, but for the most part, I think he s more of a liability than anything.

I don t like the signing of Asante Samuel. He will be getting a HUGE contract, and I think we need to focus our money elsewhere. He s a great player, but I d rather us focus primarily on the draft, and use free agency to fill some lesser needs and to build depth. The rest of your signings all are reasonable and make a lot of sense.

The trade with the Jets would be excellent for us. I m weary of Vilma because of the degenerative knee condition, but I like the fact that we move down only 3 spots, and pick up another 3rd rounder.

I don t like the Matt Ryan selection at all. It would make it even worse if Brohm ended up going only 2 spots afterwards too. We do need a QB, but I don t think Ryan is worthy of a top 10 pick.

Chris Williams is an excellent pick.

Gosder Cherilus is a decent pick. I LOVE his game, but I really think that either Foster or Clabo can be the future at RT.

Chilo Rachal would be a good pick, but I can t see us taking 3 offensive linemen with our first 4 picks. I will say this though, with Williams, Blalock, C, Rachal, and Cherilus, our OL looks plain NASTY for years to come.

The rest of your picks look good to me. I m not a huge fan of Okam, but I like the fact that we re adding he AND Moore.

This was a very good job and was fun to read.

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Oh yeah, this is very realistic, if we were playing Madden. Here's the thing: We're not. I'm sorry, but Tommy Kelly and Jonathan Babineaux are not a sufficient pair of starting DTs in this league. If this draft were to happen, we would go 2-14 and people would be complaining about our CBs because we can't get any kind of interior pass rush and the CBs look bad because they can't cover for 10 freaking seconds. Grady Jackson got cut because he wasn't sticking to his assignment, so what do you do? Bring in Asante Samuel, a corner infamous for "doing his own thing out there". Oh, and Rex Hadnot and Maurice Williams SUCK. Big time. Terrible mock. Sorry to burst your bubble, man.

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Welcome to Atlanta (2/22/2008)
Oh yeah, this is very realistic, if we were playing Madden. Here's the thing: We're not. I'm sorry, but Tommy Kelly and Jonathan Babineaux are not a sufficient pair of starting DTs in this league. If this draft were to happen, we would go 2-14 and people would be complaining about our CBs because we can't get any kind of interior pass rush and the CBs look bad because they can't cover for 10 freaking seconds. Grady Jackson got cut because he wasn't sticking to his assignment, so what do you do? Bring in Asante Samuel, a corner infamous for "doing his own thing out there". Oh, and Rex Hadnot and Maurice Williams SUCK. Big time. Terrible mock. Sorry to burst your bubble, man.

Did I offend you sometime.. You can have an opinion, but you are not the ABOVE ALL ELSE person of superior knowledge.. A lot of us on here know how the NFL works.. None of my deals are far fetched.. I don't think they'll happen, but they could. Babineaux had a good year last year and with The Jags Dline coach.. I say he begins looking like coleman.. Tommy Kelly did have a good year and he would be rotating with Trey Lewis who other fans think is pretty good. It's a rotation of Dlineman bro.. Pass rush will come with mike smiths scheme.. Samuel is a darn good corner, i think every team would love to have him... Cept for your imaginary team that doesn't know talent or potential.. Hadnot and williams do not Suk and worse than Gandy and Forney did. You need to chill, sit back, and think things out sometimes. My bubbles cool by the way, cause your the only "fan" who hates it so far.

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Oh, and Rex Hadnot and Maurice Williams SUCK. Big time. Terrible mock. Sorry to burst your bubble, man.
They do NOT suck. Hadnot is the first rated RG in FA, and 3rd overall G. Faneca and Allen are 1 and 2 and they are LG's. Williams is the 2nd rated RT in FA behing Locklear. Williams might come here because of Smith. Williams has 64 consecutive starts and is a versatile lineman that can play any position on the OL. His best is RT. So please, don't just throw "they suck" type remarks when you don't know jack!
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