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Michael Turner

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widespreadhaggrd (2/23/2008)
I wouldn't be suprised if we took a shot on him. I could see him being the sledgehammer in the Mularky offense ala Jerome Bettis. Probably will take about 5 years $30M + total.

ala Jerome Bettis? I don't see anything close to that in Michael Turner.

Turner is a good RB who is going to be grossly overpaid.

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more than wed be willing to pay him.

id rather get a bargain in matt forte, mike hart, ray rice or tashard choice in the 3rd-4th round range than spend millions on a guy who has never been the featured back, and has been getting the carries behind the best RB in the nfl after the defense is tired.

thats just my opinion. he will get overpaid and i hope we arent the team to do it.

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Look at our IMD Fa list and see what I offered him. I think it is what he is looking for. I gave him this:

Michael Turner RB

6 yrs: 12 million Bonus

Yr1: 4 mill

Yr2: 4.5 mill

Yr3: 5 mill

Yr4: 5.5 mill

Yr5: 6 mill

Yr6: 6.5

Yr 1 Cap Hit: 6 million

Total Salary: 43.5 million

*** I would rather take Forte if I was the Falcons GM though ***

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