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alot of good news for the Falcons today, we are officially picking at #3, and it is practically a lock that D-Hall will be traded, i know many of you support him, but in my opinion he is good, but very overated. He showed his true colors today when he said he didnt want to remain a Falcon because of trade talk rumors.

in my mock draft we trade D-Hall to the Giants fot their 1st rounder (#31) and their 3rd round pick

1. At #3 the Falcons pick Sedrick Ellis - DT


1. At #31 the Falcons pick Brian Brohm QB best QB in draft, period


2. Tracy Porter CB very explosive player, runs a 4.38 40, had 6 int s last year, can return kicks


2. Sam Baker LT stock has dropped, said he s not great in any one part of his game, but is good at everything


3. Philip Wheeler MLB solid against both the run and pass, can range from sideline to sideline, gets a lot of pressure on QB with 6 sacks and 9 TFL, along with 89 tackles


3. Matt Forte RB would be a great combo with Norwood, very tuff to bring down


3. Chilo Rachal OG strong and physical guard, would fit well in our scheme


4. Dustin Keller TE - not too many good TE s this draft class, besides Fred Davis and Martin Rucker, Dustin Keller is my favorite. He had 61 catches for 731 yards and 6 TD s last year, could fill in for Alge very nicely


5. Dominique Barber S smart player, understands the game, good coverage tackler and coverage skills, brother of Marion Barber


6. Brian Johnston DE had 74 tackles, 24 TFL, 6 sacks, and 22 QB pressures, compared to Aaron Kampman


7. Jayson Foster KR/ WR- blazing speed, ran a 4.28 40, has inconsistent hands, would probably only return kicks


7. Jehuu Caulcrick RB/ FB i don t care that we already picked Forte, we will find some role for Caulcrick, the kid is huge and is a load to bring down


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Mugzy12 (2/22/2008)
what is up with all of this d hall tradings and only getting a 1st(basically a 2nd rounder) and a 3rd? hes worth 2 firsts in my opinion

DHall= very good CB who can be a bit of a malcontent that is looking for a huge pay day in 2009......so, that means teams will not give up "true" value for him. A mid-round 1st will be about the best the Falcons can hope to get for him.

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Mugzy12 (2/22/2008)
what is up with all of this d hall tradings and only getting a 1st(basically a 2nd rounder) and a 3rd? hes worth 2 firsts in my opinion

he might be to us, but you have to remember that unless the team is looking for a one year rental, they will have to dish out some major cash after they trade for him, and that may even be required to even make the trade. that diminishes his value somewhat (trust me i would know, the whole johan saga lasted forever, and this was one of the reasons, he wanted huge cash). dhall will want huge cash too, and he deserves it. but we wont pay him that and we have to find someone willing to deal us picks for him, but also meet his very high contract demands.

detroit, dallas, new york giants... they all seem likely to me. if we trade him to dallas i want their 2 first rounders obviously, but id love to see us work some magic to get MB III, which likely wont happen. but #22 + additional value has to be involved in that. from detroit, #15 and maybe a 4th rounder. from NY, #31 and very likely their 2nd rounder.

thats my opinion.

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