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Just on sportscenter john clayton said....


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I know there is alot of people saying that the falcons are in love with matt ryan. For some reason i dont get that feeling. I get the feeling that there putting that out there for other reasons. Clayton was talking about the possibilities of ryan actually slipping.

I dont see the fins drafting ryan. It doesnt make sense to me personally. I live in miami. Chris long is the perfect pick for them. He is a guy that after his rookie contract in his position is going to demand that kind of money anyway, rather than say drafting dorsey which doesn fit. Long is the size the heart and the pedigree and playing in the 3-4 for years which is perfect for parcells. Plus they drafted a qb in the 2nd last year not going to pay them both.

Now for the falcons, its going to be drsey or d-mac, but where this gets great is, if ryan falls, he is probably going to go to either 8th to baltimore or 14 to chicago, thats going to push the qb's down.

We all realize most likely at this point hall will be traded, i love that the skins are in on this cause thats about the highest i think we can get in the first round. Sorry if brohm is there you take him at 21. Then use your 2nd rounders for oline pick a tackle you like and say pat sims on defense.

I'll take that draft any day of the year!!

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tuggle (2/22/2008)
and thats without FA. You add a oline guy like rex hadnot, which can play center and is bigger than mclure, and another dline guy, wow your really rebuilding!
I am hoping he can play RG for us next year.

2007 - Started at right guard all 16 games this season

2006 Started all 16 games at center

2005 Started all 16 games in which he played ... Opened the first 13 contests at right guard and the final three at center in place of the injured Seth McKinney (lower leg)

2004 started the final five games of the year at right guard.

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I really like McFadden from a pure talent point of view. And i don't think he's a reggie bush type at all. While he's not as violent a runner as Adrian Peterson (who is besides the Earl Campbell of old), McFadden definitely will lower his head and go btwn the tackles. I am concerned about him for a couple of reasons. First are the incidents with the law. Are they minor? Sure. But we are a team that probably is moving twds. image post-vick. Second, we still have Norwood. Norwood is a definite homerun hitter and this is a deep draft for running backs. Getting a lunchpail guy in the second or third would be a cost effective and effective tandem.

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I think people will be surprized to see that we may get more than people think for hall. Anyone seeking a cb in round one of this draft as it gets closer is going to see that he is better than anyone in this draft, and probably come to there senses about trading for him especially with another year on his contract.

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