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We may have a lot of picks in the first 3 rounds


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We trade down with a lottery team desperate for DMAC(you'll have to jump Al Davis at 4 to get him) or deperate for Ryan or one of the top 2 DTs. In exchange we get a top 10 pick and a high 2nd rounder. We also trade hall to the Giants for their 1st and 3rd (I think we can get at least a 1st and 2nd since each is the last pick in the round).

That's a lot of picks:

1. Ryan Clady OT 6-5, 320

1. (from NYG) Branden Albert OG 6-6, 335

2. (from trade down) Anthony Collins OT 6-5, 310

2. Joe Flacco QB 6-5, 230

2. (from houston) Antoine Cason CB 6-0, 182

3. Marcus Harrison DT 6-3, 315

3. (from NYG) Jake Ikegwouna CB 6-0, 200

3. (Kearney comp) Phillip Wheeler LB 6-1, 230

4. Quentin Demps FS 6-0, 205

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Albert will be the 1st OG taken and could easily go at the very end of the first round. Cherilus would be great. As for the CBs, who do we have other than Houston? Pretty much nobody if we trade Hall. Jimmy Williams was viewed as a safety by most teams when he was drafted, penciling him in as a CB is a big leap of faith.

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