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Stop the BS on Vilma being injured, he is just fine

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Im a canes fan. i beeld orane and green. got tattoos all over of UM. When Vilma was recruited his fresman year he was diagnose with the DND. He had arthroscoptic surgery in the spring and needed full recontructive eventually.

the Dr told him he could play like he was as long as HE could stand the pain. He didnt want to miss any time so he fought through the pain and got drafted. At his Combine workout, the jets knew of his KNEE problem and new one day hed have to have a total clean out. What better year than when your team sucks?

His knee is fine. He comes from the U? Beason, lewis, macintosh. dj williams, hes better than all of those .

he will have to go injections for a while to keep swelling down, but he will pla in 2008 with NO problems

Treatment of Degenerative Joint Disease

Treatment of OA depends upon multiple factors including patient age, activities, medical condition, and x-ray findings. Patients with mild to moderate osteoarthritis of weight-bearing joints (hips and knees) may benefit from a supervised exercise program such as walking. Non-impact activities such as swimming, cycling, and walking tend to be more comfortable for patients with OA. In a younger patient with signs or symptoms of OA, other causes of arthritis such as deformity, medical conditions, or bone disorders should be carefully sought for in order to rule out other conditions.

A program of regular physical activity can strengthen the muscles, tendons, and ligaments surrounding the affected joints and preserve mobility in joints that are developing bone spurs. Many physicians believe that osteoarthritis may be prevented by good health habits. Remaining active, maintaining an ideal body weight, and exercising the muscles and joints regularly so as to nourish cartilage.

A first line of simple treatment - acetaminophen (Tylenol) is as effective and has less side effects than other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) such as ibuprofen, naproxen, or aspirin.

Glucosamine-chondroitin sulfate may be prescribed by your doctor. This medication, when taken over a period of months, may reduce pain and symptoms by restoring or replenishing nutrition to diseased cartilage cells. It tends to be more effective in earlier stages of OA. The dosage and combination of each ingredient is an important aspect of the therapy, as not all preparations and brands are the same. Patients who fail to improve on acetaminophen or glucosamine may be treated with salicylates and other oral anti-inflammatories ( NSAIDs). Previously, medications such as Vioxx, Celebrex, and Bextra (Cox-2 NSAIDS) were preferred due to less gastrointestinal side effects (ulcers) and improved pain relief for arthritis. However, currently the use of these medications should be reviewed with your doctor, as concerns about their use in certain patients has been recently reported. More traditional NSAIDS (ibuprofen, naproxen, etc.) are available over the counter, and they also provide excellent relief of symptoms. Capsaicin cream 0.25% applied twice daily may reduce knee pain. Intra-articular (within the joint) injections of steroids may also be helpful, although the duration and amount of pain relief is often unpredictable, especially in more advanced stages of OA. Alternative injections of hyaluronic acid peparations (sodium hyaluronate) are also available and may be very useful in the treatment of OA. These injections are indicated for OA of the knee, and typically require an injection once a week, over a period of three to five weeks (i.e., three to five injections). The hyaluronic acid is injected into the knee joint, and similar to oral glucosamine, may provide nutrition to the diseased cartilage cells and collagen within the cartilage. The fluid is a gel-like material that appears to act initially like a lubricant for the joint. However, studies have shown that the lubricant aspect plays little role and, in fact, the fluid is absorbed quickly by the cartilage cells.

Bracing, splinting, and other orthotic treatments may be useful in managing or unloading an arthritic joint surface. These nonoperative treatments are simple, often effective, however cost and ease of use are factors in their selection in treatment.

Surgery may be dramatically effective for patients with severe osteoarthritis of the weight-bearing joints. Total hip replacement and newer hip resurfacing replacements and total knee replacement or unicompartmental (partial) knee replacement can be extremely effective. Joint replacement is now being performed in younger patients also. The concerns about wear of the prosthetic joint surface in younger patients make this the most challenging aspect of future research in this area. Newer joint surfaces for joint replacement including highly cross-linked polyethylene, metal on metal bearing, ceramic bearings, and others have emerged and currently are available in the U.S.

Although arthroscopic surgery for knee osteoarthritis is a common procedure, its long-term effectiveness is unclear, and may be best for symptoms such as catching, locking, or those that have been present for only a short duration. In addition, not all patients that have arthritis should have an arthroscopy, as this may not improve their symptoms.

In younger patients, hip and knee preserving procedures should be considered, in order to avoid a hip or knee replacement. Although performed less frequently, hip and knee preserving procedures, such as osteotomy (cutting the bone and realigning the bone or joint surface), may restore a joint to a normal alignment and be an

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drneckbone (2/22/2008)
Better than Lewis?

maybe you should be more concerned with what you are smoking than what color you bleed.

Granted DJD is not a death sentence for a professional athlete. Most actually have some level of it. He does not fit our needs.

know whats funny. as sad and pathetic as out team was last year we still beat FSU

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