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Pull the trigger on them all then


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Being T.D. kinda hit a low blow with Hall and now he wants out.

If we get 5 mil of cap room,lets pull the trigger on Dunn and Brooking for another 10 mil giving us about 30 mil of cap space.

Falcons' Pick

1st Round 3rd

2nd Round

2nd Round From Houston

3rd Round

4th Round

5th Round

6th Round

7th Round

7th Round From Pittsburgh

With That cap space assuming we get 2 picks for hall or a player and a first or early second round would not be ideal but could work out.

We are being looked at as we are trying to be to safe with how we are going about this and not putting any stock into any player.

So we have to hope that 8-9 picks pan out and maybe 1-2 in FA.

Hope T.D. is as good as Blank thinks he is.

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