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A little far fetched,but maybe...

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I know there is alot of talk going around about the potential trade of DeAngelo Hall.While most people say that we are looking towards trading him to the NY Giants for there 31st over all pick.I personally feel he is worth more than a 31st overall.My question is could we possibly trade him to the NE Patriots for their 9th overall and their 3rd rounder (I believe they have two of them).With Dimitroff's ties to the NE organization.Do you think this is a viable option?

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while i agree that i would think Hall is worth more than the 31st pick, no this is not an option. first why would they trade 2 picks for a player who they would have to then turn around an sign next year for probably the highest contract ever for a defensive player when they could just resign Samuel and keep their picks and probably spend a little less for as good of a player. Dimitroff's ties would not make the Patriots make a stupid move like that. This would be unbelievably good for us but unbelievably bad for them.

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